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Custom Note Cards – DIY

I recently send one of my dearest girlfriends her January gift. What’s a January gift? It’s a Christmas gift that never got completed prior to Christmas and once it was finished you realized the recipient was celebrating the holiday abroad and doesn’t return till the New  ...

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Baby, Make

6 Month Award!

Okay so the month is nearly over and I’m just now getting around to taking Baby E’s six month photo but better late than never! Part of the delay was I wanted to make him a custom onesie since the stickers I was using were getting kind of small. Plus I wanted to see how my Cameo  ...

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Live, Make

Dressing the cookies

So I made my cute sugar cookies and decided to give some to our neighbors, so I used my new cameo to create some boxes to hand them out in. Large gabled box: Detail on the snowflakes:  I created individual windows on this one. This one was smaller and had a single window (I used white core  ...

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Live, Make

Early Christmas!

Christmas came early at our house! Look what arrived over the holiday weekend… The new Silhouette Cameo! To which my husband responded, “Now WHAT is it?” I just told him it was his Christmas gift to me and that I loved it. I don’t do a ton of scrapbooking (mostly because  ...

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