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Happy 2nd Birthday to my sweet boy!

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2013-06-12 09.23.43

We celebrated E’s second birthday a few weeks ago. Now that he’s two and also a big brother I think it’s time to drop the “Baby” part of his name.


Since he’s a summer baby I decided on a Splash Bash theme. Finding Nemo is pretty much his favorite movie ever, especially the part with the whale so I thought he’d love a whale one his cake and invitation. Invitations were printed on cardstock, then the whale and edge were die cut on my Silhouette Cameo.

2013-06-01 14.04.54-2

Splash Bash Cake

For the cake I was inspired by some adorable cake toppers I found on etsy. They were actually wedding cake toppers but definitely fit party the party theme, unfortunately they were also around $70. So I did a little research on Sculpey clay (food safe, easy to use and bake in a conventional oven to set) then I headed to Michael’s and picked up a few blocks for around $0.80 each (MUCH cheaper than $70). It’s been a few years since my sculpture class but I think they turned out pretty cute.


This was our first birthday with friends invited and we had 4 kids and their parents along with family in for the celebration.

Food included Pirate’s Booty in treat cones…

Pirates Booty

Whale shaped cheddar bites…

Whale Bites

Mini fruit tarts…


And of course, cupcakes.  My husband always complains that cupcakes are messy and hard to eat, so I found the mini plastic cups at Big Lots and filled each with a cupcake and a half, then provided guests with spoons. They were much easier to eat!

Cupcakes in cups

I found blue raspberry Kool-aid to play the part of Ocean Water and added some reusable sea creature ice cubes I found at Target.

Ocean Water

Fresh Water

Favors were bottles of bubbles with custom labels.


E got a biggest bag of bubbles ever from his great grandmother. We are well stocked for the summer!


I’d found this awesome Intex Rainbow pool on Amazon and we were suppose to be outside but unfortunately the forecast called for severe thunderstorms all day.

2013-05-14 15.20.27

Luckily I was able to set up the bounce house and the bubble machine for a little bit before the rain came, but the kids had a great time playing inside with balloons. We were able to have some friends over on E’s actual birthday to play in the pool so it all worked out.

2013-06-07 15.27.19

I can’t believe I have a two year old! He’s so much fun now. He remembers everything and talks all the time. He knows all his shapes and colors, most of the alphabet and can count from 1-9 (although he omits 8). His favorite phrase right now is “I NEED that”…I think we need to explain the difference between a need and a want. He’s such an amazing little person. Happy Birthday E! Mommy loves you so much!

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A Party for a Great-Mimi

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Birthday Party Flowers

We celebrated my grandmother’s 90th birthday this past weekend. Since my parents live 2 hours away I offered to host it at our house. Did I mention I’m 8 months pregnant? So while I was happy to clean and decorate there was no way I was cooking for our whole family, so we ordered in Italian.

Birthday Party

My mom ordered a cake from our local Kroger and when I picked it up I though it was pretty much the ugliest cake I’d ever seen, it was white with green decorations and then what looked like mustard drizzled all over it (I’m assuming someone just got lazy and used leftover St. Patty’s day icing). Not wanting to hurt my mom’s feelings, I didn’t say anything about it and assumed green and mustard yellow were my grandma’s favorite colors. When my mom arrived a few hours before the party to set up she took one look at it and said, “That’s the ugliest cake I’ve ever seen” then promptly returned it to Kroger. Ugly cake crisis averted!

It was nice to have the whole family together since the only other time everyone is able to make it is usually Christmas.

2013-06-07 09.50.59

My mom and her brothers


Me and Miss Silver Sneakers


My sister and aunt in deep conversation

My grandma always been a great Mimi but when Baby E was born she got the title officially. She is a pretty amazing lady…she attends Silver Sneaker classes at the Y (where she was crowned Miss Silver Sneakers 2013), she could sew any frilly dress a 6 year old could ask for (and create a matching one for Barbie), she has been known to brandish a chainsaw when it comes to yardwork, and she takes care of pretty much everyone around her.

Happy Birthday GREAT Mimi!


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2nd Birthday Party Planning

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I’m already starting to think about Baby E’s 2nd birthday despite it being FOUR months away. Mostly, I don’t want it to get lost in the new baby shuffle mid-April. I’m afraid that by the time I get the whole “two babies” thing under control it’ll be the week before his birthday and I won’t have anything done.

I already decided that I like these colors:


Which incidentally are the same ones that I used for his first birthday last year (hey, at least I’m consistent if not original). Regardless, picking the colors at least allows me to buy things like balloons and paper goods (like stripy straws – just because I love them).

I haven’t decided on a theme (which means I’ll probably end up with “birthday” being the theme again) but there are a couple that I like that go with these colors…either Monsters or Dinosaurs.

I’m definitely not into having a specific-character themed party but I’m leaning towards Monsters because right now E’s favorite characters on Sesame Street are “Cookie” & “Melmo” and we read the book Tickle Monster nearly every night. Perhaps a “Monster Cookie” party – featuring generic monstery creatures and a cookie bar for dessert (since last year E totally ignored his cake for the cookies).

Here’s as far as I’ve gotten so far on Pinterest…there are a lot of fun printables for a Monster Party (monster mouths, and those ad1orable PlayDoh Monster favors), plus look how cute that monster cake is!

More to come soon…better get to designing his invitation!

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