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Four Days to Celebrate Four

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Evan turned four last Friday. FOUR! As in, he only has one year of preschool and then he’s going to REAL school. It’s crazy.

He’s grown and changed a lot in the past year. He’s more independent. He also never naps…which means he spends naptime talking Mommy’s ear off. The kid literally NEVER STOPS talking. He’s always got something to say. He loves Legos, cars and most recently cutting paper (anyone need confetti?). He’s smart and creative and he enjoys playing with his little brother (most of the time). He can be a  little hesitant to try new things or get dirty (since he’s responsible and a rule follower) but he acts like an absolute crazy person when he’s with his close friends (they bring out his more adventurous side).

Facebook reminded me of what the past four years looked like:

Visiting Evan


Baby E & his birthday cookie


2013-06-01 14.04.54-2




This year he requested a Spiderman party. I’m know for a fact he’s only seen ONE episode of Spiderman but apparently he’s a pretty famous character in Evan’s preschool class.

So on Thursday we picked out some balloons. I ordered a Spiderman Airwalker for him too. It was HUGE but also a big hit. Not going to lie, this thing startled me when I forgot about it being in our basement…maybe I’ll put it by the door to deter burglers and door to door salespeople.

spiderman airwalker

After we picked up Spiderman we had to make a city for him to protect so I used 12 ft of butcher paper and drew this city. Then I wrapped a few of the boxes left over from our Ikea furniture to make some more buildings.

2015-06-07 15.04.43

On Friday Evan woke up to his presents from his Dad and me. He didn’t really know what to do. He just stood there for a bit unsure of why they were there and if he should do anythings with them. It was kind of adorable.

2015-06-05 07.12.31 copy

We got him a Spiderman costume, a shirt and a Transformer (which was Dad-Approved of because it was “two toys in one and didn’t have lots of pieces”).

2015-06-05 07.18.11

He tried on his costume and we took some pictures with the other Spiderman while we waited on little brother to wake up.

2015-06-05 11.46.29

Then we headed to Krispie Kreme for our free donuts in honor of National Donut Day. He asked to wear his costume and entertained the crowd while we stood in line for our freebies.

2015-06-05 09.47.39 copy

Later in the day my parents and brother came to visit so we headed to the pool with them. Noah and Evan had a good time interrupting the Corn Hole game.

2015-06-05 16.32.20 copy

Saturday Evan and I headed to the Home Depot to build a truck at their Kids Workshop. I thought it would be fun to do something with just him.


Then we scooped up Noah and headed to a birthday party for a friend with the same birthday as Evan. We always have to coordinate parties since we invite the same kids.

On Sunday my husband’s family came to visit and must have brought him every Spiderman item they could find. We have masks, sunglasses, a beach towel, a kite, a web slinger, a flying Spiderman and enough Spiderman stickers to wallpaper a small bedroom. He loved it all.

Finally Sunday evening we were ready for his party. I attempted to hang some crepe paper outside but it was hot and super windy and pretty much the worst conditions to try to decorate in so I eventually gave up and came inside to hang my DIY bunting.

2015-06-07 15.03.55

I needed to take down my spring wreath so I made some giant spiders for the front doors (go big or go home is my motto).

2015-06-07 15.11.39

Finally there was the cake…the cake I was sure would be a Pinterest Fail but I couldn’t resist when saw it.

Fourth Birthday Spiderman Cake

I’ve never made any sort of shaped cake before but OF COURSE I thought “how hard can it be?!” The cake was totally from a box mix because if it’s not broke…you know. I actually made two 9×13 cakes since I thought it would need to be BIG!

I made buttercreme for the first time ever because there was no way I was messing with fondant…plus, it tastes like yuck. I used the Viva paper towel method to get it smooth. The topper gumpaste and was from Amazon. And actually Evan handed it to Noah and told him to throw it on the ground so I got to stick the whole thing back together while they sat in time-out for destruction of property.

The buildings were made out of the Wilton edible sugar paper. Then I just piped the spiderweb on the top (that was actually the EASIEST part). I don’t know if I’ll be making another shaped cake but it was worth it for what it would have cost me to buy.

And Evan loved it.

Spiderman Cake

He had four big kids at his party and four little kids and they ran around and screamed and played the whole time. They’ve known each other since they were just months old so it’s fun to see them all together.

Happy Birthday Evan!

Blowing out the candles

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Happy Birthday TWO You!

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Noah turned TWO last Tuesday.

2015-04-17 10.05.08bw

This past year has brought a lot of changes. He’s so much happier since he had his ear tubes put in last year – and has only had a single ear infection. He started “school” and loves to “go see friends”. He is starting to talk in full sentences, his favorite of which is “Mommy COME ON!”. He absolutely loves playing with his brother (so long as his brother is playing nicely).

We had a small playdate with friends and a family celebration the next day. Since he LOVES Mickey Mouse – it had to be the theme. I wasn’t loving the crazy-over-the-top patterns on the store-bought party stuff, so I made a lot of the decorations.

He said "Need more cake!" #mickeymouse #party #turningtwo

He said “Need more cake!” #mickeymouse #party #turningtwo

These invites I found on Pinterest and easily copied them to suit our party. They didn’t cost anything but postage since I already had paper on hand.

Mickey Mouse Invitation

Evan had a fun time helping me with them. I told him if he wasn’t going to nap he was going to work and he loved using a gluestick and stuffing the invitations in the pockets.

I bought some colored bunting and cups from the dollar store and used the same Mickey silhouette in a smaller size to “theme” them.

2015-04-17 08.52.44

Mickey Mouse Birthday

Cupcake toppers were made with a circle punch…and the same silhouette (I got a lot of mileage out of that one image). Another no cost item since I already had paper.

2015-04-17 08.53.43

I made PB&J for the kids. I think the sandwich cutter was $4.95. I’m pretty sure I’ll use it again in the future.

Mickey Mouse Sandwichesoeeenm

Lastly I made these Mickey Pops. We had Oreo’s but I had to pick up some black candy melts and the mini Oreos. Let me just say I was about to break up with Pinterest over these. They didn’t seem that difficult but I always over-heat my chocolate in the microwave and it becomes difficult to work with. I ended up rigging a double boiler half way thru and it went much more smoothly.

Mickey Mouse Pops


On Tuesday (his actual birthday) we took his school friends donuts to share. Then we stopped by the party store and bought some balloons. He loved them.

2015-04-14 14.40.06copy 2015-04-14 14.39.20 Remind me not to ask these kids to smile since this is the face they make.

2015-04-14 18.41.41 He got a little Mickey plush toy as his gift (and the balloons would have been enough but I had Kohl’s cash).

For his party on Friday I made him this custom shirt to wear.

2015-04-17 10.03.45 I really wanted a shirt with a vintage look to it so I painted it using the freezer paper technique. It cost nothing since he already had the red shirt.

2015-04-17 10.08.36


We blew up balloons and hung out with friends.

2015-04-17 10.02.24

Ate cake.

2015-04-17 11.46.52

Then we got to do it again on Saturday!

2015-04-18 10.52.37

2015-04-18 10.58.14

A guitar!

2015-04-18 10.54.51

I think the Evan pouting is going to be a yearly thing on Noah’s birthday.

2015-04-18 11.08.58

Happy Birthday to my baby!

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Celebrating Valentine’s Day with Kids

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A mommy friend recently mentioned that the average Valentine’s spending for a married couple is something like $35. That’s probably about right since we will be spending the holiday at home with carry out because two kids at a restaurant on Valentine’s Day = the least relaxing thing ever. But they sure are cute (this year’s school photos turned out much better than last year’s). Big brother   School picture

Both boys had a Valentine exchange at school so I stocked up on Dollar Store stickers and stamps for their classmates – I got everything for both classes for $5.

I also made some personalized cookies.

2015-02-11 15.09.26 copy


I don’t have as much time to bake as I used to but I like to still make these for special occasions. The most time consuming part is flooding them…

Evan got in on the decorating too. Noah didn’t do any decorating but he did do some taste testing.

"Cookie-ing" for E's party tomorrow

He made my husband a card that was going to be a “surprise” but he didn’t really understand the part about not telling Daddy so it would actually be a surprise and wanted to give it to him the moment he walked thru the door. 🙂 It may be less “romantic” to celebrate with kids but it’s just as much fun.

Here are some other fun ways to celebrate with kids.

Raisin Valentines

Raisin Treat Boxes

Valentine's Day Pink Ombre Cake

Pink Ombre Cake

Toddler Coloring Card with Insert

Toddler Coloring Card

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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