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Early Christmas!

Christmas came early at our house! Look what arrived over the holiday weekend…

The new Silhouette Cameo! To which my husband responded, “Now WHAT is it?” I just told him it was his Christmas gift to me and that I loved it.

I don’t do a ton of scrapbooking (mostly because it involved too much planning of going to the store and buying the page decorations etc) so I’m excited to be able to just make what I want as I need it. Plus I like to make paper decor for parties and holidays so this will save me a few hours with the scissors.

Silhouette Cameo Cutter

Initially I’d considered getting the KNK Zing (since it cuts thicker materials) but as the first batch of preorders arrived it seemed that even those familiar with cutters were having difficulty getting consistant cuts. The Cameo cuts beautiful intricate cuts right out of the box. I’m pretty savvy when it comes to these type of things but I didn’t want frustration to limit it’s usefulness (and having a 6 month old limits the amount of time I can dedicate to getting something to work as it should).

My first cuts looked like this…

(Sorry for the dark photos…I was too excited to wait for decent lighting)

This is straight from the Silhouette Store. The Cameo comes with $10 worth of downloads and this weekend designs were half price so I was able to get 20 for the price of 10! I mostly chose things like boxes and templates that I could alter since I have about 5,000 fonts.

Also the Designer Studio software will allow you to cut and edit svg files so I can do all my designing in Adobe Illustrator (and use the huge collection of vector art I own).

More detail shots…


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