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Make, Nest

Outdoor Living – Ikea Applaro & A DIY Teepee

I recently posted about how the boys are ready for summer. I decided we needed to update our outdoor space as well. We have a deck and a patio but we really haven’t done much with them since we moved in. Now that we finished our basement it seems like we needed to make the patio a little  ...

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I Heart a Bargain

Last week we took Baby E’s big brother (his four-legged one) to get a haircut. Since we were out early we stopped by a consignment sale. Being some of the first people there we got a free breakfast from Chick-Fil-A to enjoy while we shopped and a coupon for another free sandwich (score!).  ...

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Baby, Live, Make

Soft Blocks

After seeing these super cute soft blocks by Dwell studios, I knew we had to have some. They were adorable, but not $32 adorable. So I set out to make my own. I bought some fat quarters for $0.79 each and some fusible interfacing. Being picky about having an order to things I made a rubric that  ...

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