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And They’re Off

Evan got to have a Derby Parade at school today. Two weeks ago the teachers sent home a note stating that girls should be dressed “in Sunday dresses” and the boys “in something resembling silks”. Yeah…so that would be WHAT exactly? They also gave the girls lovely  ...

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Soft Blocks

After seeing these super cute soft blocks by Dwell studios, I knew we had to have some. They were adorable, but not $32 adorable. So I set out to make my own. I bought some fat quarters for $0.79 each and some fusible interfacing. Being picky about having an order to things I made a rubric that  ...

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DIY: Bunting

Bunting has been a huge party trend in the past couple of years. It’s fun and festive and can really add some color to an event. It can be made of paper but using fabric for it really makes it seem a lot nicer. I mentioned that I made the bunting for my baby shower, so here’s a step  ...

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