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Lego Birthday

Evan has obsessed with Legos ever since he was about 4. So when we discussed what he wanted for his birthday theme this year it was definitely “LEGOS”! Invitations I designed them with some extra touches (glitter Legos cut-outs…sparkly). Decorations We created some giant legos  ...

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Celebrate, Make

Wild and Three Birthday

Noah celebrated his 3rd birthday in typical Noah style…wild. He didn’t really have any particular theme in mind so I got to pick. We ended up with a “Wild and Three” theme. It kind of was a mash up of camping/woodland creatures. I have to say that I kind of loved all of  ...

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Celebrate, Live

A Party for a Great-Mimi

We celebrated my grandmother’s 90th birthday this past weekend. Since my parents live 2 hours away I offered to host it at our house. Did I mention I’m 8 months pregnant? So while I was happy to clean and decorate there was no way I was cooking for our whole family, so we ordered in  ...

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Baby, Celebrate, Live

First Birthday Party Recap

Baby E had his first birthday party this past weekend. By the end of it he was totally over the whole thing, it totally reminded me of The Berenstain Bears: Too Much Birthday . The Invitations: These are the invites I created for it…inspired by these. So if you like them, you can buy them  ...

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Happy Birthday Baby E!

It’s hard to believe that it was only a year ago that you came to be part of our family Baby E’s Birth Story You’ve come a long way since this. You were patient as Mommy dressed you up and photographed you each week. Your first smiles made us so happy. And even though  ...

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Celebrate, Live

Birthday Party Planning

With Baby E’s birthday celebration just THREE weeks away…I realized I better get started on planning something (anything). First off I can’t believe it’s been a whole year with this little pea-pod. It’s craziness to think how irritatingly-massive I was at this time  ...

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