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Sometimes I Feel That Way Too

Usually these are the baby photos everyone sees: But Baby N has spent a good portion of time looking like this: Recently some Mommy friends and I were together, many of whom have just recently had their second baby. As we talked, our conversation turned to how different our first and second  ...

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My Tiny Houdini

Remember this picture? Well it’s ALL a lie. This baby does not sleep, nor does he stay swaddled. I could put E down in his swaddle and he literally would not move. Baby N however, has been a maniac since the day he was born. He was lifting his head in the hospital. He is always getting  ...

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As luck would have it

Since about 6 months Baby E had been waking up multiple times during the night. NOTE: This baby is nearly EIGHT months old. So for the past month and a half every night we have been getting very very little sleep. On a good night he’d wake up twice and on a bad night as often as every  ...

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