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DIY Watercolor Quote Art

So last week I shared my office gallery wall. One of the pieces I created was a printed quote over a watercolor I did. I love the contrast between the printed typography and the fluidity of the paint. Here’s how to make your own! Supplies needed: – Watercolors or Acrylic paint  ...

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Live, Nest

Office: Gallery Wall – Creative Inspiration

When we moved into our new house we I immediately claimed the room with the largest window and most sunlight for my office. Since I freelance I need a space to actually work but I also use it as my craft space. Above my workspace I created a gallery wall. It’s been a long time coming  ...

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Baby, Make

Toddler 2-in-1 Painting & Some Tips

We went to a craft playdate today and made this Christmas tree painting using the Scotch painter’s tape method…however, when I got home I realized that we had TWO pieces of artwork and not just one. Using painters tape to create a negative image is nothing new but if you plan ahead  ...

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Live, Make, Nest

Office Revamp – The Anti-reveal

Okay so here is my non-reveal of our halfway updated office (if that isn’t anti-climatic I don’t know what is) but since I now have to focus on packing and taking things OFF shelves I didn’t have time to complete or style it (sad face). Anyhow… Remember this desk?  ...

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Office Revamp – The Middle

So I’ve made some progress with the office revamp! First and foremost I ordered this rug from RugsUSA. Everybody and their brother has this rug now right?? Since it was during one of their sales it ended up being right at $100 with free shipping. The light part of the rug is a little more  ...

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Office Re-Vamp: The Beginning

We just recently decided to take our house off the market to give ourselves a little bit of a break. I am a little bit excited because for the past four months I felt like I couldn’t really “live” in our house and I was hesitating to buy anything for it or hang photos. Plus  ...

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