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Creating a Digital Photo Archive

Since it’s currently a whole 10 degrees here, I will be spending any free time on my couch with a blanket trying to conserve heat while my boys run around in circles to keep warm. One of my cold weather projects is to catelog all our photos/videos from the past year. I take 95% of my  ...

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Live, Make

Craft Closet & DIY Ribbon Storage

I recently shared my workspace and gallery wall in my office. In that same room I also have this…    Oooohh…doors. I’m sure you’re seriously impressed by now. These are the key to having any sort of order with two boys running around because behind those double doors  ...

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Getting Organized – DIY Calendar Frame

One of my favorite parts of starting a new year is getting a new calendar. I’ve mentioned that have my personal calendar for work and one to keep track of milestones for the boys. But since my husband has a busier schedule now I decided we needed a monthly calendar in our kitchen to keep  ...

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