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Moving In: An Ongoing Process

Now that we’ve been in our house four months and have gotten thru the holidays we’re starting to get settled in. One of my favorite parts about moving is getting rid of things we don’t need/want/like and re-evaluate the things we have as we put them in a new  ...

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We Made It!

We are all moved in to our new home! Notice I didn’t say unpacked. We moved last Sunday which also just happened to be the RAINIEST (that’s a word) weekend we’ve had in forever. Seriously, it didn’t rain Friday and it was beautiful the following Monday but the entire  ...

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Live, Nest

A Bit of News

So you know how I JUST painted our office, bought and assembled furniture to fit it and was just getting to the finishing touches of hanging art on the walls? I was so happy to see our office was finally coming together after years of being a mess and figured I could enjoy it while we waited to  ...

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