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The Ultimate Roll-Out Sugar Cookie Recipe

I finally bit the bullet and purchased this beauty over the weekend: I’ve always wanted a stand mixer but couldn’t justify the expense. However since recently I have trouble using a hand mixer, I figured now was as good a time as any. I love this color (they carry it at Target so  ...

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Happy First Day of School!

Today is the first day of school for our public schools…which means it’s my husband’s first day as an assistant principal with “real students”. Since it’s a very important and long day I thought I’d send some treats in with him for the teachers.  ...

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Happy Easter!

HAPPY EASTER! Baby E and I (Dad changed out of his dress clothes before I could get a photo) I made these for the nursery workers at our church and a few to take to Easter dinner. I found the little buckets at Hobby Lobby (on sale of course) and made the labels on my Cameo (of course). These  ...

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Baby Shower Cookies

Made these for a baby shower a few weeks ago. I love this chocolate roll-out recipe from LilaLoa. The only thing I realized is that I have to be super careful when arranging/stacking them because the cookies are a bit softer than standard sugar cookies (which is what I love about them) so they  ...

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Holiday Cookies

It’s that time of the year…cookie-baking time! My Mommy & Baby group had a cookie exchange so I took the opportunity to attempt to make sugar cookie cut-outs. I haven’t had a ton of success in the past as many recipes tend to spread while baking leaving me with blobs that  ...

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