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The Trimmings

I shared our Christmas celebration but I here are some of my favorite pretty things from this past season. I realize this would have been more helpful if I’d posted it prior to the holiday but so much was done last minute thanks to all the major construction projects going on around  ...

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Live, Mommy Life

Christmas Catch-up!

Merry belated Christmas and an early Happy New Year! We’ve been celebrating the season with friends and family. This year was the first year the boys really started to get excited about the holiday, so that made it more fun. The boys watched “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”  ...

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Baby, Make

Toddler 2-in-1 Painting & Some Tips

We went to a craft playdate today and made this Christmas tree painting using the Scotch painter’s tape method…however, when I got home I realized that we had TWO pieces of artwork and not just one. Using painters tape to create a negative image is nothing new but if you plan ahead  ...

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Trimming the Tree – Free Ornament SVG

I think this is the slowest I have ever been putting up our tree. Probably because I couldn’t stand having to unpack any more boxes after the move. Decorating the new house I’m having to figure out what works and what doesn’t…my single wreath looks kinda lonely on our  ...

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2012 & Christmas Recap

Warning…long post ahead since I decided to just roll everything into one! Carry on. Christmas Husband got the flu the week before Christmas so he spent the week home from work and quarantined  Baby E and I got to spend a lot of quality time together and our whole house smelled like Lysol.  ...

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Boxes of Joy

I usually like taking treats to our neighbors at Christmas. So after my holiday party and Hot Cocoa Bar I was able to put together these cute boxes pretty easily. I found these boxes at Micheal’s (they actually came with inserts for cupcakes – so I’ve stashed those away for  ...

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Baby, Live, Nest

Advent Calendar & Pre-pregnancy Weight

Two goals were accomplished this week, first off, I finished my advent calendar (I know it’s the week of Christmas and kind of pointless now but I bought it with the intention of using it next year once Baby E is old enough to enjoy something like that). It’s super cute, plus it  ...

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Live, Make

Dressing the cookies

So I made my cute sugar cookies and decided to give some to our neighbors, so I used my new cameo to create some boxes to hand them out in. Large gabled box: Detail on the snowflakes:  I created individual windows on this one. This one was smaller and had a single window (I used white core  ...

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