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Baby Shower Cookies

Made these for a baby shower a few weeks ago. I love this chocolate roll-out recipe from LilaLoa. The only thing I realized is that I have to be super careful when arranging/stacking them because the cookies are a bit softer than standard sugar cookies (which is what I love about them) so they  ...

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Celebrate, Make, Nest

DIY: Bunting

Bunting has been a huge party trend in the past couple of years. It’s fun and festive and can really add some color to an event. It can be made of paper but using fabric for it really makes it seem a lot nicer. I mentioned that I made the bunting for my baby shower, so here’s a step  ...

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Live, Mommy Life

Mommy Chic: Shower Dresses Part Duex

So I already posted about my wonderful baby shower, so you know what I ended up wearing. Prior to the event I considered buying a new dress. I eventually gave up and decided just to shop in my closet. Here’s what didn’t make the cut: This party dress from Forever21 had a fun print  ...

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Baby, Celebrate, Live

Baby Shower Time!

This past weekend was my baby shower – hosted by one of my sweet girlfriends and my mother. It was so nice and we have nearly everything we need for Baby Boy now. We ended up having around 20 people, a combination of friends and family since I only wanted a single shower. Invitations:  ...

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Mommy Life, Wear

Mommy Chic: Shopping for the Shower

My nice girlfriend is hosting my baby shower in a month (plus the rain and baby classes kept me from shooting an outfit for this week. So I’ve recently been looking for something cute to wear. These are some of my favorite choices. ASOS mama·licious Kaisa Dress (Source) Super  ...

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