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Best Apps for Ages 2-4

I thought I’d written about this before but apparently not. Since some screentime is inevitable when I’m working and NO ONE is napping, I’m always looking for recommendations from other moms on apps they use with their kids. So here is a collection of MY personal picks for the  ...

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Keeping up with the Internet

I have about 60 sites in my Google reader…which was awesome on a slow day at work, but kind of difficult to read with a baby who is nearly crawling. Plus, Google reader is kind of boring to look at, especially since most of the sites I follow are all about pretty pictures. So I downloaded  ...

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Baby, Live

Baby, There’s an App for That

I have a couple of baby-related apps that I found useful during pregnancy & for these first few weeks of mommy-hood. The first was Baby Bump (click icon to go to download page): It allows you to input your due date and would keep track of progress and milestones and even add photos.

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