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DIY: Heart Hairclip

I created this cute little rhinestone heart hairclip one evening – it’s a fun little project that could also be used as a pin. Mine is really big (because I’m not afraid of obnoxiously large accessories). STEP 1: CREATE YOUR TEMPLATE I did mine grade-school style and cut half  ...

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Mommy Chic: Toting in Style

I’m so glad I started this section because look what just came in the mail! One of my sweet girlfriends found it for me. It’s a Kate Spade Stevie baby bag. I adore it because it doesn’t look like a typical baby bag but yet still has all the pockets needed to organize an  ...

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Live, Make, Wear

DIY: Beaded Belt Tutorial

Beaded belts can retail for up to hundreds of dollars. However since I had plenty of time and the wedding-crazies I decided to make my own. Unfortunately I ended up not choosing a dress style that needed a belt. But I suppose now I can just wear it when I want to be fancy (or to the grocery  ...

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