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Fonts: Romantiques

I love it’s old time feel and ornateness. However to really take advantage of the font it needs to be used minimally but at a large scale, otherwise it becomes difficult to read. Get it here for FREE! It’s by Dieter Steffmann but unfortunately the artist’s page is in German – otherwise I’d link it.

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Live, Make, Wear

DIY: Beaded Belt Tutorial

Beaded belts can retail for up to hundreds of dollars. However since I had plenty of time and the wedding-crazies I decided to make my own. Unfortunately I ended up not choosing a dress style that needed a belt. But I suppose now I can just wear it when I want to be fancy (or to the grocery store). In different colors that could add a lot to a simple dress orΒ made on a smaller scale for a beaded headband. This tutorial isΒ pretty straight forward but this DIY also includes my supplies.  ...

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Design, Make

Photoshop: Create an Action

When you have a ton of photos (let’s say, wedding photos) that you’d like to format similarly (perhaps, scaling down to share online) a useful tool in Photoshop is to use “Actions”. It allows you to reproduce the same edit multiple times without having to redo EVERY step for EVERY image. HOW IT WORKS: Basically you are able to set up a certain function that you’d like replicated across all your images and then with a single click have it apply to each image. It  ...

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Live, Wear

Fashion: 1960s Chic

I recently discovered a line of dresses when I was looking for a pencil dress to wear to my bridal shower. They’re by a company called Stop Staring and run from $100 – $200. Ranging from floral patterns to solid satins there’s a good range to fit any event. I chose a blue watercolor pattern. The fit is superb for anyone with curves. The only downside is the dresses are unlined – not a problem with the cotton one I chose but might make for some serious undergarments  ...

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