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And They’re Off

Evan got to have a Derby Parade at school today. Two weeks ago the teachers sent home a note stating that girls should be dressed “in Sunday dresses” and the boys “in something resembling silks”. Yeah…so that would be WHAT exactly? They also gave the girls lovely little hats to add flowers to and decorate and the boys got…a paper bowl. I think the boys (or more correctly the boys’ parents) got the more difficult challenge on this one. Now usually  ...

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Time to Derby!

This week is Derby week…which is kind of a big deal where we live. Since I’m not originally from Louisville I’ve come to realize Derby is more of a season than a single day event. The Derby festival includes balloon, boat and bed (yep, that’s no typo) races, a parade, a marathon, food and music. The Friday prior to Derby is Oaks day and is when the filies race…and it’s actually a school holiday (which I kind of love because it feels like a small town  ...

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Celebrate, Live

Happy Birthday TWO You!

Noah turned TWO last Tuesday. This past year has brought a lot of changes. He’s so much happier since he had his ear tubes put in last year – and has only had a single ear infection. He started “school” and loves to “go see friends”. He is starting to talk in full sentences, his favorite of which is “Mommy COME ON!”. He absolutely loves playing with his brother (so long as his brother is playing nicely). We had a small playdate with friends  ...

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Live, Make, Nest

Spring Decorating & DIY Fabric Butterflies

Only two more days till the first day of SPRING and we are more than ready for it after all this snow and cold wet weather. Evan is already asking about swimming so I put him to work decorating eggs for Easter. I found some fake craft eggs at Micheal’s so I could let him go without worrying about breaking. Unfortunately I overlooked the directions on the bottom saying not to add water to the dye…so they turned out a little light. He didn’t care much (since usually  ...

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