Helpful Hints

Here are a couple of helpful tips when using digital stamps!

First: Make sure you’ve downloaded the Phonto app (available for Android, iPad and iPhone), links can be found here.

How to Install a Stamp Set:

  • Download the file via the link your received to your device.
  • Select “Open Using” and select the Phonto app.
  • Your new stamp set will be installed!
  • You can see it by selecting “My Fonts” when adding text to an image.
  • Download the file via the link you received.
  • Select “Save to Device” (this may say either internal storage or SD card depending on your phone).
  • Navigate to the Phonto folder (you may need to look around a bit for where your applications are saved)
  • In the the Phonto folder is a folder called “Fonts”, save the file here.
  • Your new stamp set will be installed!
  • You can see it by selecting “My Fonts” when adding text to an image.


Part of my image is cut off!

Just add a space or two around your character in the text box (make sure your cursor is at the end of the graphic on the right, if it’s not add more space).

If a period is added by your autocorrect just delete and add spaces more slowly (your device thinks you are typing a sentence when you hit the space bar quickly).

Can I make a graphic any larger?

Unfortunately Phonto limits the size of the text to 300px. If you are using a very high resolution image the stamps will be smaller. Try changing your settings to use a “large” image instead of the original.

How do I know what character to use?

Generally speaking characters will be in order from left to right, top to bottom. Lowercase characters are used. For example the first image in a set (upper left) will be a lowercase “a” the stamp to it’s right will be a lowercase “b”, and so on.

If your font includes “bonus” graphics they will come after the set pictured. So if your set has graphics for a-j, type a lowercase “k” to see the bonus graphic, then a lowercase “l”, then a lowercase “m”, etc. until you start seeing normal characters.

Help!! I’m still having problems!

Contact me and let me know. If it’s an issue with the file I will fix it, but unfortunately I can’t troubleshoot individual devices.