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Wall Letter Art DIY

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I have had this image pinned for a while…

I love these canvas letters from 163 Designs and the way Kelly from View Along the Way painted them to make create a monochromatic look. I thought it might be a fun thing to do either for our master bedroom or our boys bathroom. But since I want to make our master bedroom update take as long as humanly possible I opted to create something for the boys bathroom (see? that’s sarcasm there).

Of course I couldn’t just purchase the canvas letters or even spend $3/a piece at a craft store for them. Oh no, not me, because I had the worst thought you can ever have when you have small children and limited free time (and sanity)…I thought to myself, “I can MAKE that!”

So make them I did.

I decided the best thing would be to make them out of foamcore since 1) I had it and 2) it involved no powertools.

On a side note: Don’t you just hate it when you pin something like “DIY blah blah blah” but then you come to find out that it was DIYed by someone who has a master carpenter/electrician and a shed full of tools at their disposal? When I see DIY instructions – I want it to be something that I can ACTUALLY DO!

So here it is…a DIY that is actually DIY-able.

This is actually a GREAT option if you live in a small space because you can do the entire thing in one room making a minimal mess.

Insulation Foam (or regular foam core but you’ll have to double it up), An Exacto knife, A printer, Straight pins (the ones you’d use for sewing), Painters Tape, A hammer, Fine sandpaper, Paint (Latex or craft paint)

This is insulation foam.
2014-03-21 16.17.21

It’s awesome stuff. It’s around $10 for a 4ft by 8ft sheet. It’s about 1/2 and inch thick so it’s pretty sturdy. We use it at our church to make all kinds of things, like props for Vacation Bible School or even gigantic presents.


Yeah, that’s a 4 foot box covered entirely in glitter…I was in heaven. 

Obviously it’s huge so if you don’t have a large vehicle you’ll have to cut it down. I actually have the intention of doing something on a much larger scale in the future so that’s why I chose this. If you wanted to use regular foam core you could probably just spray mount a couple pieces together to make it thicker.

2014-03-30 17.35.19

Next print your design TWICE (trust me on this). I just “tiled” it when I printed then taped the pages together. Hang one where you want to place your artwork, tape the other to your foam core (I actually taped all around the edges to keep it from moving).

You don’t want to do anything too intricate because it will make it more difficult to cut out cleanly. I used Bebas Neue for my font (it’s FREE).

2014-03-21 16.21.58

NOTE: There is a “front” and a “back” side to this stuff. One side has no writing so it would probably be easier to cover without that. ALSO it has a sheet of plastic covering both sides of it, YOU MUST PEEL THAT OFF (otherwise your paint won’t stick).

2014-03-21 16.28.44

Trace your design with an exacto knife. You DON’T have to cut all the way through. Just through your paper and the first layer of your foam. Use a ruler if you think you need one but it’s pretty easy to freehand. One you’ve “traced” your design, remove the paper and cut out your design. If you end up with any rough edges just sand them lightly with some fine sandpaper.

2014-03-30 14.42.02

Use your straight pins on the BACKS of your letters to prop them up while you’re painting (and keep them from sticking to everything below them).

2014-03-30 16.15.08

Then paint your letters. You can use craft paint or house paint just DON’T use spraypaint because it will eat your letters and then you will be sad. I did about 3 coats of the wall color from the boy’s bathroom.

2014-03-30 17.38.52

I used straight pins to attach my letters to our drywall. I suppose you could use mounting strips or command strips if you have brick walls. I was afraid of tearing up our drywall and straight pins make tiny holes.

Just push your pins through the front of your letters (mine stuck out about 1/2 inch in the back). Then all you have to do is line them up on your sheet you hung (like puzzle pieces). Push them into the wall enough to leave a dent where your pin goes.

2014-03-30 17.50.13

Then just remove your letters and the paper and match up your pin holes. Tap the pins in lightly with a hammer, then stand back and admire your work (sorry there’s not better lighting, it’s on the far wall of their windowless bathroom).

20140330_182031_1 I love how it turned out!


From the hallway.


For the price and the simplicity I’m really quite pleased with it. I think this would be really cool on a large scale (like 4 ft tall letters)…I have a lot left over so we’ll see!

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Laundry Day! (Free Printables)

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Happy Monday! Typically Monday is my Laundry Day around here. Actually, let me rephrase that…Monday is my STARTING Laundry Day. I usually finish it sometime the following Saturday afternoon at which point I have ONE WHOLE DAY before I have to start laundry again. I tend to lose momentum after about two loads.

These dang kids…they just KEEP getting dirty.

2014-03-07 17.24.56sm

Anyhow we have a BIG laundry room in our new house and it’s right off the kitchen. That’s kind of a big deal for me because it means no more basement creepy crawlies to deal with while doing laundry (I may have abandoned a load or two in the in the past upon seeing a Camel Cricket lurking…do NOT Google them).

Since we have a lot a space I made a few pieces of artwork for the walls.


The first this handy Laundry Cheat Sheet. As a former shrinker-of-clothes I think this may come in handy (although now I tend to just hand-wash, dry-flat when in doubt).


I made a matching piece to keep me on track.


 I suppose I should have made it say: “Wash, Dry, Forget about it for three days in the dryer, Fold, Then leave in the living room till a kid needs something to wear”…

….but that didn’t fit.

So, if you struggle with staying motivated then download
these FREE printables for yourself!


They are 8×10. If you use them let me see them in action!

Any laundry tips you care to share?

Here’s mine for you: Teach your kids how to do laundry ASAP…then they can do it for you!

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Master Bathroom Artwork

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So I totally started this project weeks and weeks ago but never got around till finishing it till this weekend. I like to think of myself as a “project butterfly”. I float from one project to the next…and incidentally have trouble finishing things. Which is part of the reason my office is always a mess.

Desk Chaos

Seriously at this exact moment on my desk there is 1) a pile of photos for Baby N’s One Year photobook (which MUST be completed sometime before he turns one), 2) E’s Christmas tree paintings (which need to be replaced with new artwork), 3) a bag of birthday party supplies for E’s 3rd birthday party (which still must be planned), and 4) piece of white velvet and a gift box from a photoshoot for a client’s jewelry line. The floor is usually covered with a variety of toys for keeping the boys entertained when I have a little work to do. Welcome to my chaos.

Anyhow two of THESE FRAMES had been sitting around getting in my way since we moved.

2014-02-13 14.50.04

What’s that? Why it’s a leopard rooster of course!

Because if you’re going to have a painting of a rooster to decorate your house it can’t just be a regular yard-rooster…no it would have to be a fabulous leopard rooster.

Better yet…there’s a matching tiger striped one.

2014-03-09 13.45.48

I know, that just took this whole thing UP A NOTCH! I’ll let you compose yourself.

We found these in our attic when we were in the process of moving. I know, it’s hard to believe we weren’t making better use of these given their sheer amazingness. They were actually from my husband’s uncle who, incidentally, has AMAZING taste and if anyone could make these work it would be him.

Since they had been in our attic they were kind of gross and the frames were wood with a faux wood laminate (???why???). The laminate was bubbling and starting to peel. I just pulled it off where it was loose and then used a hairdryer to heat up the glue on the rest and it peeled right up.


It left a film of glue and I smoothed it out a bit with my sander, then spray painted them gold. I got my sander FOR FREE when I purchased our new washer and dryer. I signed up the rewards point program with Sears when I ordered them and got enough that I was able to get this and a pair of shoes for E (these are my favorite – he’s had like 4 pairs of them). I love free stuff…and it’s a family habit to brag on a good deal (Hi Mom!).

I wanted to use the frames in our Master bedroom somehow, so when I saw pillows with these phrases I knew they’d be perfect.

Hello There Handsome, Good Morning Gorgeous

Those little greetings are fun and make you smile when you see them, so I thought they would be perfect for a private space like our Master bathroom. I just arranged the text (the font Jenna Sue and is FREE for personal use). Then I cut the lettering out of vinyl with my Cameo then used my spraypaint technique to give them the Midas touch.

Hello There Handsome, Good Morning Gorgeous


Hello There Handsome Artwork

And Hers:

Good Morning Gorgeous Artwork

They’re so cute (and a big improvement from what they were), I can’t wait to get them hung. So does anyone need any rooster artwork? I know where you can get some!

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