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Spring Decorating & DIY Fabric Butterflies

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Only two more days till the first day of SPRING and we are more than ready for it after all this snow and cold wet weather. Evan is already asking about swimming so I put him to work decorating eggs for Easter.


I found some fake craft eggs at Micheal’s so I could let him go without worrying about breaking. Unfortunately I overlooked the directions on the bottom saying not to add water to the dye…so they turned out a little light. He didn’t care much (since usually it’s the activity rather than the end product he likes) so he and Noah happily added more color to them with markers.

Decided they needed more color and Noah even got to color some...yeah for fake eggs! #easter #eggdecorating

I decided to make another mesh wreath but as I finished it I realized it still needed something. So I thought I’d just pick up some butterflies from our NEW Hobby Lobby. Things are never that simple right? I couldn’t FIND any in that entire store. Maybe they were sold out or more likely I overlooked them anyhow necessity is the Mother of invention so that’s how I ended up making my own…



This is similar to the technique I used for my watercolor prints – just using different fabric and a few more techniques.


Cheap Taffeta or Satin (Taffeta works best since it’s thicker)
A butterfly image (the one I used is here, but you could use any you find)
Freezer Paper
An iron
Computer & Inkjet printer
A candle
Spray Enamel
Acrylic paint & brushes (optional)


Iron your freezer paper (shiny side down) to the back of your fabric. Then cut it into a 8.5×11 rectangle (I find it’s easier to cut both once they’re ironed together).

2015-03-16 19.24.07


Scale your butterfly image to the size you want. Mine were 6.5 and 3.5 inches. Then feed your fabric into your printer so the image prints onto your fabric.

2015-03-16 19.42.02



2015-03-16 19.41.58

(Those bubbles didn’t effect the printing at all and went away when I peeled the backing off)


With the freezer paper still attached cut out your image (I realized later this would have been a perfect project for my Silhouette Cameo’s Print and Cut feature).

2015-03-17 13.45.56

You could be done now if you wanted but the next few steps make them more durable and realistic looking.


Peel off your backing paper! Then using a candle lightly melt the edges of your fabric – this will keep them from fraying but will also cause them to curl.

2015-03-17 14.22.06


The more heat the more they will curl so I only just melted the interior edges to seal them but I let the outer edges curl more.

Then fold it in half and melt the folded edge. DON’T let it burn. The melting will give it some dimension from the body.

2015-03-17 14.26.17


A Couple of Safety Notes: I like to use a tapered candle so I don’t have to stick my hand down in something to get the edges close to the flame. Also you may want to have a blow of water close by in case it catches fire. The polyester helps it curl but that’s because it is HIGHLY FLAMMABLE so use caution.

2015-03-17 14.53.02


To help seal the ink (since it would run when it got wet) and also make them a little more stiff, I sprayed both sides of my butterflies with spray enamel (also good for keeping cheap jewelry looking new).

2015-03-17 15.30.20


This is totally optional but I wanted to add some more color to my butterflies so I used a tiny amount of acrylic paint and rubbed it on them to make them pop. I thinned my paint with water so it would blend better.

2015-03-17 16.44.55

And that’s it… FabricButterfliesFINAL

Then you can glue them to floral wire to add to wreaths or flower arrangements or perhaps add them to hair clips for girls for Easter.


11024405_594128854055849_1075669726_n IMG_20150317_174852



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Family Wall Gallery Printables

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If you follow me on instagram you know I recently replaced my gallery wall art. It was about time since it was all Christmas-themed.

I still loved the black and white with the gold. I created this Fruit of the Spirit print. I’ve seen a lot of “Family Rules” artwork but I like this reminder better. It’s for me as much as it is for the kids (especially the “patience” part). Alongside that I created a simple family crest with our four intials.

New art...thought it was time to replace the Christmas stuff

I also created a “Family” definition print and a piece with our geographical coordinates.


Want them for your own?

Download the Family Definition Print

Download the Fruit of the Spirit

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The Trimmings

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I shared our Christmas celebration but I here are some of my favorite pretty things from this past season. I realize this would have been more helpful if I’d posted it prior to the holiday but so much was done last minute thanks to all the major construction projects going on around here…so just bookmark this to come back and read early next December. :)

Our Tree

2014-12-23 18.59.28 copy

This is pretty much the same thing as last year. I still love my DIY kraft paper ornaments and surprisingly they survived being stored for a whole year.

I added the lettered banner this year. I’ve loved this since last year and since I wasn’t making any new ornaments I had time to create these glitter letters from the backing of my 2014 wall calendar.

So much

So shiny and pretty…so much glitter…much to my husband’s dismay.

I found this black and gold paper at Michael’s early in the season and it kind of snowballed a whole black and gold color palette.


I used the FREE printable gift tags from Creative Index…so gorgeous and they matched my paper perfectly. I discovered her blog last year when looking for some printable tags so I’ve used them two years in a row. So it’s definitely one to bookmark.

Ready to wrap with the FREE gift tags from

A mix of this year’s and last year’s tags.

Christmas Cards

Our Christmas cards were SUPER last minute this year…and as a result they were done in a single day. I almost didn’t even do them but my husband loves having a picture of both of the boys and usually keeps a card for himself. So I changed the boys into their “Christmas” pajamas (I love that they weren’t covered in red and green and candy canes). Then I plopped them in front of the tree then just snapped like crazy hoping I’d get at least one useable image.


This one was pretty sweet of them.


And the back…chucking my ornaments across the room.

I designed the card and sent it to Staples then picked it up that same afternoon. I used my Silhouette cutter to add some gold foil stickers to the front. I wanted black envelopes so I ended up hand addressing them all in gold pen…luckily we didn’t have too many to send. 2014-12-17 14.23.01 copy

Maybe I should wait till the last minute every year.

Christmas Gallery

One of my last projects involved all these frames. My in-laws bought a new sofa so they gave us their old sectional since we’d been thinking about getting one for our living room. My artwork was horribly off-center (and if you follow me on instagram you know the whole story) so I replaced it with these frames I found on clearance at Michaels. I’ve been storing these for about a year waiting for the perfect spot to use them.

If you give a girl a new couch, she'll  notice her artwork is off center, and when she notices her artwork is off center she'll have to take it down, and when she takes down the old picture she'll decide she wants something different, and when she decides she wants something different she'll look for inspiration on , and when she looks for inspiration on Pinterest she'll lose 5 hours pinning non-related projects but she'll finally decide on a , and when she decides on a gallery wall she'll lose another 45 minutes arranging and rearranging frames, and as she spends 45 minutes rearranging frames someone will start to cry so she'll just stick things randomly on the wall. :) Just realized my life is the human equivalent of

I got them hung a couple weeks before Christmas but never got around to putting anything in them (or even removing the price stickers and cardboard corners). So ON CHRISTMAS DAY my little brother helped me throw together this seasonal gallery about 15 minutes before everyone arrived for dinner.

20141226_133404_1 copy

Some 8×10 prints from our Christmas Card photos, the Nativity is from the Silhouette store.


Yep, that’s framed wrapping paper. The words are from the Tinsel app. 20141226_133702_1

More wrapping paper…and simple text. I really like this one I think I might keep it. 20141226_133635_1 copy

Wrapping paper with some gold letters…just like our card. What can I say? I love a theme. 

Eventually I swap these out for something less Christmassy – but since they’re not red and green I think I have some time (knowing me I’ll be changing them out 15 minutes before Evan’s birthday party in June).

Christmas Dinner

Lastly we hosted my whole family for Christmas dinner. It was nice not having to travel and thankfully my parents handled all the cooking. I just contributed some desserts and set the table.

Christmas fake stuff looked pretty convincing :)

I had all our guests fooled that we’d put out the real stuff with these plates and silverware from Smarty Had A Party. The chargers were from Michael’s on super clearance ($0.59) after fall. I spray painted them to be more festive. I didn’t actually have napkins (because I forgot – whoops) these were left over from Evan’s birthday party (tree fold here).

So there it is my last minute Christmas decor…shared 2 minutes before New Years…Enjoy! :)

New Year’s Resolution: Plan Ahead More….hahahahaha! That’s cute.
Revised Resolution: Plan Ahead at least once this year.

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