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Make, Nest


S.O.S. = Sad old sofa. Our living room sofa was actually the one I owned before we got married. And the years have not been so good to her (I assume sofas are female like ships, club chairs are male…obviously). The poor old gal is comfy and is a favorite bed for some visitors but  ...

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Celebrate, Make

Halloween Treat Boxes

Sharing these again since they were a hit in Evan’s class last year. The nice thing about doing favors for school is it gets easier every year…unfortunately I have twice as many to make since I need some for Noah’s class too! I made some treat boxes for E’s class at  ...

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Live, Make, Nest

Guilded Upcycled Trunk

I have been waiting sooo long to do this post…and I don’t mean like a few weeks long or since my accident long…I mean like a year. I’m probably the slowest DIYer on the planet…but I refuse to put deadlines on anything other than client work or you know, feeding my  ...

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Live, Make

Craft Closet & DIY Ribbon Storage

I recently shared my workspace and gallery wall in my office. In that same room I also have this…    Oooohh…doors. I’m sure you’re seriously impressed by now. These are the key to having any sort of order with two boys running around because behind those double doors  ...

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Make, Nest

DIY Watercolor Quote Art

So last week I shared my office gallery wall. One of the pieces I created was a printed quote over a watercolor I did. I love the contrast between the printed typography and the fluidity of the paint. Here’s how to make your own! Supplies needed: – Watercolors or Acrylic paint  ...

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