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Mommy Chic of the Week

I’ve loved clothes since I was a little girl. I wore a poofy dress with petticoat, ruffle socks and patent shoes to the first day of kindergarden – all the other kids were in shorts and t-shirts. Now that I’m pregnant I’m realizing that I’m slowly outgrowing a lot  ...

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Beauty: Eyeshadow Primer

With New Years coming up there’s bound to be lots of late night partying and smokey eyeshadow. One of my favorite finds has definitely been Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion. It comes in a couple different shades including gold and pink. I use the nude colored so it  ...

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DIY: Beaded Belt Tutorial

Beaded belts can retail for up to hundreds of dollars. However since I had plenty of time and the wedding-crazies I decided to make my own. Unfortunately I ended up not choosing a dress style that needed a belt. But I suppose now I can just wear it when I want to be fancy (or to the grocery  ...

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Live, Wear

Fashion: 1960s Chic

I recently discovered a line of dresses when I was looking for a pencil dress to wear to my bridal shower. They’re by a company called Stop Staring and run from $100 – $200. Ranging from floral patterns to solid satins there’s a good range to fit any event. I chose a blue  ...

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