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Polar Vortex Survival: Toddler Safari


So you would totally think something entitled “Polar Vortex Survival” would include helpful hints about prepping and storing supplies, building an igloo and surviving on a diet primarily consisting of beef jerky.

(Who came up with Polar Vortex anyway? It sounds like a Gatorade flavor.)

But no, I live in Kentucky. Which means the polar vortex brings minimal snow and ice, conditions that northern states wouldn’t even blink at but make our fair city come to a screeching halt. I think at this point the schools will be in session year-round.

So we don’t really need to worry about being survivalists except when it comes to being stuck inside with toddlers all day. So E and I came up with this super simple game that can keep him entertained for a good portion of the day.


You’ll need:
Some animals, pair of binoculars and one bored toddler.

He likes to pretend to “look for animals” so I made him some toilet paper roll binoculars. Then I made him close his eyes and count while I hid a variety of his animals around our first floor easter-egg-hunt style (so not hidden well).


He would find them and take them back to the “Zoo” (he just put them in our toy basket). I made him find and return them one at a time so while he was out looking for more animals I could help a few”escape” and hide again. The game could have gone on forever. He loved it.


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