Joss & Main 1st Purchase & Review

As I mentioned recently I’ve started to work on decorating our new home and our bedroom needs some updates.

Joss & Main Logo

So I signed up for Joss & Main emails (note: once you get on their mailing list you will get A LOT of emails…like twice a day EVERY SINGLE DAY…it’s a bit much). Joss & Main is basically a flash sale site for Wayfair.

Everything they sell is grouped by “collections” which is kind of nice because I gives me decorating ideas BUT many items are final sale and I’m a big BIG fan of being able to return things, ESPECIALLY if I’m buying online.

So when I saw this rug on sale for around $150, I showed to to my husband and asked what he thought.

Safavieh Asha Rug

He said, “It’s sooo amazing. I love it. Get it NOW!”….okay, that might have been what I HEARD. He actually said, “It’s not ugly.” And that’s about as excited as he’s going to get about a rug.

I got my shipping confirmation pretty quickly and the proceeded to stalk my package tracking number as it made it’s way to me.

On a side note, I think I might get a little too emotionally involved when I get a tracking number…

“Your package has shipped.”

“An exception has occured.”
(Oh no! It’s lost forever! Now I will NEVER ever get it!)

“Your package is out for delivery.”
(YEAAA! Try to contain yourself, DO NOT to run out to greet the UPS truck.)

When my rug actually did arrive, my mother happened to be visiting so I happily unrolled it to show her. Around that time my husband came over and said, “I don’t remember that.” Assuming he hadn’t actually been listening when I ordered it I reminded him, “I SHOWED you it. Remember?!”


I looked closer and I realized he was absolutely right. They HAD sent me the wrong rug. It was similarly colored but not the same pattern. I got this one instead. I’m so GLAD he spoke up, I may have not realized till it was too late.

Safaviah Cambridge Rug

I immediately phoned customer service and sent them an image of the one I received and the image of the one I ordered. They promised to place a new order and have the shipping department double check to make sure they didn’t send the wrong one again.

They sent UPS to pick up the old rug and returned it free of charge. By the end of the following week I hadn’t heard anything on my replacement, so I called and checked on the status and was ensured it was shipping the following day. When it didn’t, I called AGAIN. The girl I spoke to said she would check and call me back on Monday. Their customer service employees are all very nice so that helped.

At this point I googled “Joss & Main Reviews” and read some not so great things. I figured at least I’d a refund but I was disappointed I probably wouldn’t get my rug. On Monday I called for the fourth time. Finally they were able to get it shipped AND they credited me for my shipping cost. My rug arrived promptly after that. It looks great in our room.

Safaviah Asha Rug, Joss and Main Rug

All in all it wasn’t a bad experience and I probably would order from them again since I was happy with the price and the quality.

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