Early 10 Month Update

So I could call this my very very belated 9 month update but I think it’s just SUPERSIZED early 10 month update! See? That’s all my advertising experience coming out.


Little Buddy had his 9 month checkup and we found out he had an ear infection. Since he  hadn’t had a fever or been excessively cranky we had no idea how long he’d had it. After 10 days of antibiotics he was much happier and sleeping better (in his case better = more than not at all).


I felt bad for him but since he’s never been a consistent napper and can cry for no reason at all it’s hard to know when he’s actually not feeling well and when he’s just being…himself.


Shockingly when his brother isn’t around he will play happily…coincidence? I think not. So perhaps he’s been getting labeled a crybaby and he’s just been getting bulldozed.


He loves his furry brother too. He likes to chase him around and so long as he doesn’t grab Satchel’s ears they get along pretty well.


E has been making us laugh. I try to keep up with things he says on twitter. He got a new ‘do because Mommy couldn’t figure out what to do with his unruly thick hair.



Now that his little brother is competing with E for the toys, he has been getting a little jealous but all in all he’s pretty good with him.


E had his first stomach flu. Poor kid. He had to stay home from school (of course he loved getting to watch movies all day).


N got all the toys to himself.


My babies hanging together…



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