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Freebie: Candy Box Template

Only a few weeks late but the boys had fun Trick or Treating in our new neighborhood. Halloween night brought terrible weather and our Trick or Treating got moved to Friday night so we attended the Fall Festival at our church (and apparently everyone in town had the same idea). E wore his “Lion King” costume from last year. Baby N got a clown outfit from his Auntie from NYC.


Our happy clown and roaring lion.

My parents just happened to be in town for the weekend so they got to experience our first time ever with REAL trick or treating. E was super excited to wear his costume and “get candy” especially since he got to do it two days in a row. N was just happy to be along for the ride although he did try to steal some of his big brother’s candy.

_DSC7471_cropAt the first house…figuring out how this all works.


Hitching a ride with Papaw


N stealing some of E’s candy!

I made some treat boxes for E’s class at school. Just cut these out of a sheet of scrapbook paper, added a treat and tied shut with a ribbon.

1383632_10103425051521159_1046216191_n-1 copy

FREE svg and pdf below. Print, cut and enjoy!


Halloween Treat Box Labels


Candy Treat Box SVG    Candy Treat Box PDF

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