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7 Months!

Time has been flying by and Baby N is now 7 months!  I can’t believe I’m going to have to start planning his first birthday party soon. Missed my window of opportunity to do his 6 month update…oops.

He’s been scooting like a maniac. I don’t know if he’ll ever crawl on his hands and knees but he’s definitely mobile. He likes to scoot then push up and rock then scoot some more.


He’s started pushing up and pulling up to his knees…which leads to toppling over.
He’s sitting up much better (when he’s not lunging for something) and has started to ride in the child seat of the shopping cart (woo-hoo! no more baby carrier).


He’s more vocal…he likes to say “Mamamama” and “Babababa”


He loves his brother so much. He gets excited when he sees E and loves to “play” with him. E likes to “be funny” with him (which means scream/laughing in his face). They also both like to scream together…mommy loves that so much.


He’s still not taking a bottle and probably never will. I’ve given him some finger foods and if he’s hungry he eats baby food pretty well.


Unfortunately he also got his first ear infection…in both ears. Then didn’t nap for two days.


We figured out that he’s just terrible at being a baby. Probably because his body can’t keep up with what his brain wants to do. Here’s hoping he’s going to be much better at being a toddler.

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