5 Months

Better late than never right? Story of my life. Been wrapped up in the whole house selling/buying process and I need a nap but I wanted to write a quick update since Baby N is now FIVE MONTHS OLD! That’s like almost 6 months, which is almost a year which is almost him going off to college!


This month he definitely started being more “fun” smiling and interacting with us and his brother more. He loves to reach for faces or anything his brother is playing with (which has been met with protests of “NOOO!” – which can only be a preview of things to come). He has stated sleeping a little bit better waking only twice a night around 2 and 4:30.


We celebrated Labor Day with our house hunting and E got to go to the pool with his Mimi while Baby N stayed home with dad (and watched baseball).



Both boys started “school” at the beginning of the month and have been getting good reports from their teachers every day.


Unfortunately all my months of bottle feeding went down the drain. I’d purposely been giving Baby N 1-2 bottles a day of formula so he’d have an easier time at school, but he refused to eat the first week so the second week I started just sending puréed baby food with him so he wouldn’t be starving by the time I picked him up.


Also, true to form, he started army crawling. He’s pretty mobile now whether rolling from front to back, back to front or scooting across the floor. Most recently he’s started pushing up onto his hands and knees…which means my little superbaby will probably be crawling by 6 months and then…it’s all over.


He is the MOST distracted baby ever. If something is happening he wants to know what it is and be right in the middle of it. I can totally tell already that he’s that he is going to be the kid that is down for anything. Wanna go base jumping at 2 am? He’s your guy. Need your car driven cross country when you move? Call Baby N. Anyone want a pet bobcat? He’ll take it.


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  1. Mom

    September 21, 2013 at 6:14 pm

    This was adorable and so true to form! Could you please email me these pictures? I can’t download them from your site. You wouldn’t have a better looking picture of me would you? Ha ha

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