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Decor: Office Makeover (it can’t get worse)

We just recently decided to take our house off the market to give ourselves a little bit of a break. I am a little bit excited because for the past four months I felt like I couldn’t really “live” in our house and I was hesitating to buy anything for it or hang photos. Plus it’s been kind of stressful trying to get the house ready for showing with two little ones. While we still have a “For Sale By Owner” sign in the yard (should someone drop by with a big bag of cash in the exact amount we’re asking), I’ve decided to take the plunge and update our office.

I’ve been wanting to do this for over a year now. My husband put it off until last winter, then we decided to try to sell the house so that put a big pause on everything but now I’m finally getting a chance to do it and boy does it need it!

Office - Before

AHHH! My eyes!!

There’s nothing particularly WRONG with the office other than the fact that it looks like a yard sale. Basically it became a hodge-podge of His & Her office furniture (none of which matched) and storage. Oh and the paint and window treatments are better suited for a little boy than an office (hello, sponge-paint!).

My husband rarely goes in the office, while I use it for crafts and sometimes work. But the lack of workspace meant that many times I was spreading projects out all over the floor or our dining room table. When I am in the office, usually E is pulling everything off the shelves since ALL of the storage is open so I end up with a huge mess from the both of us.

So my “NEED” list includes:

Matching furniture
Closed storage/bookshelves
Updated paint & window treatments

My “WANT” list includes:

Making a pretty “girly” space.

Our guest bedroom that used to hold a big flower print and some pink touches became E’s Room and since our basement is basically a gym, the boys’ rooms are decorated for boys (duh) and the rest of the house is “common” space (and also doesn’t really need to be redecorated), this is the only place I can get away with doing anything girly (and by girly I mean pink or flowers).

Here is everything currently in the room:

I’m keeping a few of the white pieces since they will match the new furniture. I am probably keeping the brown desk and giving it a makeover. The couch is about 3000 pounds and I don’t want to go thru the trouble of moving it so it will probably get a make-over as well.

Office Before

This past weekend we headed to our “local” IKEA (only 2 hours away) and husband packed the car up with all kinds of flat-packed goodies. I ordered a rug and picked out paint, then spent the rest of the weekend shoving everything to the middle of the room and taping off the windows and moldings.


Now I just have to find two hours of uninterrupted time to get the paint on the walls or I suppose I could let the toddler help (but he doesn’t really like getting his hands dirty).

E Painting



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