What I’m Loving Now – Sock Buns

Sock buns have been popular for a few years now but recently this has become my hairstyle of choice since Baby N now has his little hands on EVERYTHING!

Sock Buns

I know a lot of mommies choose to chop their hair because it requires less drying/styling time. However, a smart lady once said not to change your hair just because you’ve become a mom, since SO much else in your life is changing (your body, your schedule). Your hair is a reminder of the person you were “before”, I like this idea so I’ve decide to keep my long hair despite the extra maintenance/potential to be pulled.

Since I don’t always have time to straighten or curl my hair, I like that I can do a sock bun at a stoplight with virtually no styling tools. It definitely looks more polished than a regular ponytail and looks cute with both workout clothes and work clothes, plus it totally reminds me of going to ballet lessons as a little girl.


There are a couple of options when creating a bun. Of course, you can use an actual sock but unless you have a sock that matches your hair color (which is easier with dark hair) you may want to use a shaper. There’s a mesh chignon – available at Sally Beauty Supply, which looks likes a donut ($4 – pictured left), or the Hot Buns tool, which you roll your hair around then snap closed ($10 -2 sizes, pictured right).

Personally I don’t like Hot Buns because I felt like it was harder to hide where it snapped together (you’ll notice how they are flat in one area in the photo), not to mention they look a bit…ahem…*odd when they’re not snapped closed, my husband said “what is THAT!?” upon seeing one on the bathroom counter. However if you have shorter hair or want a fail proof way to make a bun this might be the best choice, but I thought the chignon made a more nautral looking bun.

There are tons of how to videos on YouTube and several ways to do it so just try a few and see what works for you!

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  1. Mom

    July 29, 2013 at 9:17 pm

    Good for you! I’m glad you are keeping your beautiful hair, but would sure understand if you did decide to cut it! Love the bun! Love you!

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