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My Tiny Houdini

Remember this picture?


Well it’s ALL a lie.

This baby does not sleep, nor does he stay swaddled.

I could put E down in his swaddle and he literally would not move. Baby N however, has been a maniac since the day he was born. He was lifting his head in the hospital. He is always getting his arms out of his swaddle no matter how tightly I wrap him. Once when I went in to get him in the morning, his swaddle turned around backwards. Last night he strutted into our room, dropped his swaddle at my feet and laughed at me (okay, that might be a small exaggeration – but he was up every two hours). Do they make straight-jackets in 3-6 months?

I’m not even sure what to do with him since he DOES sleep when he actually stays in the swaddle but he is constantly breaking out. The only thing that works consistently is his swing. I’m about ready to let him sleep in it at night since the kid would nap thru a marching band so long as he is swinging.

I just know we’re in for trouble. E didn’t try to climb down the stairs or out of his crib, and I still don’t have to worry about him too much. Baby N will probably be climbing the bookshelves, using his blanket as a parachute, setting books on fire on his way down.

Perhaps I should go check our smoke alarms.

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