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Baby E and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Molars

OH-EM-GEE…they’ve struck.
The 2-year molars have begun their reign of terror
in our household.

Sleep deprived Baby E

This is what a sleep deprived toddler looks like…still kind of adorable
(his Mommy looks way worse).

Baby E has never been a great teether, he gets a runny nose EVERY SINGLE time and drools so much I’m ready to connect to him an IV drip to prevent dehydration. But these…THESE 2 YEAR MOLARS…they’re something else entirely. I was ready to call our pastor to see if he could perform an exorcism, but we go to a Baptist church and I think that’s just a Catholic thing (pity, because that probably would probably be a quicker solution to the problem – than just waiting it out). However, I did check to see if Baby E had sprouted horns (you know, just in case).

About a week ago he started to get a runny nose but since it’s pretty common for him to catch little colds with all the socializing we do I figured it was just that. I assumed it would get worse, he may get a fever and then he’d be over it in a few days. But it didn’t get worse, it just kept running and then he started rubbing his cheeks and his ears. And then he decided that no one in our house needs to sleep. In the past week an a half he slept ONE night thru the night…and we are feeling it.

The worst part is he’s not really all that cranky during the day. Aside from the occasion tantrum he hasn’t been too terribly clingy or whiney but at night he turns into an absolute maniac and bedtime becomes a 2-4 hour process (sometimes we’ll get an hour nap in there before he wakes up). Not just your normal, “I don’t want to go to bed” crying but meltdown, keeping-our-neighbors-awake, inconsolable screaming and after finally falling asleep around midnight, you’d think he’d be exhausted and sleep thru till morning but he’s still waking up about 4 hours later. So, lucky for us, he’s still his adorable self around family and at school but we get all the joy of Mr. Hyde for ourselves.

After a little Googling, it seems that the only thing we can do is wait for them to come in and say our prayers to St. Acetaminophen (the patron saint of teething toddlers), that it doesn’t take too long.

Plan “B” involves husband and I sleeping sometime after both the kids go to college.

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