BIG News

So Baby E had some big news he shared recently…

He’s expecting a brother or sister in April!

First vs. Second

I’m about 17 weeks into it and the nice thing about this second pregnancy is it’s way more laid-back. Aside from having SOME idea of what’s going on, I’m also not working full-time anymore. Unfortunately I’ve had actual morning sickness, something I never experienced with Baby E. Of course I wasn’t running around after a toddler when I was pregnant with him either.

I’ve heard second pregnancies show earlier and that’s proving to be the case with this one. Not a huge difference but at least a couple weeks worth. Part of that could be due to not being able to actually finish a workout because Baby E insists on sitting on my lap while I’m trying to ride the exercise bike.

Regardless, even though I still fit in my pants I’m using every excuse not to have to wear any for fear of being “uncomfortable”. I’m already uncomfortable in my body right now so I don’t need any contribution from my clothes…thank-you-very-much!


  1. KT

    July 5, 2014 at 3:56 am

    Congrats to you and your family on your upcoming addition! I’m the mother of two grown sons and to see them so happy together through their lives and now as adults — well….it’s one of Life’s greatest treasures! (…and I can’t believe that I had told my husband when we were first married – no kids!…then along came our first son after we were married five years — then four years later the second one arrived! As my husband and I say, “Having kids is like the Peace Corps motto – It’s the Toughest Job You’ll Ever Love!)

  2. KT

    July 5, 2014 at 3:58 am

    Oops! I just started following your blog and now see that this was an older post. Thank you for sharing all of your talents and creativity via your blog! You’ve made me smile a lot already =)

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