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Sleeping Baby Sign

Since Baby E only takes one nap a day it’s super important that it not be interrupted.
Otherwise he gets cranky…and that makes me cranky…and everyone is sad.ย So after having his nap cut short two days in a row by delivery men/solicitors I stuck a post-it on our door with “DO NOT RING BELL” ย scratched in Sharpie marker on it.

While it did the job, it wasn’t exactly the friendliest looking thing (and was prone to coming un-stuck). So I decided to make a nicer looking sign, should a neighbor venture over and be frightened off by our seemingly anti-social little note.

So a trip to Micheal’s to pick up a cute frame, some suction cups & some ribbon, and 30 minutes later I had this cute (less imposing) sign.

ย Since the suction cups came in a pack of three I stuck one inside to hang the sign on when not in use.

Want to make your own?

(Note: I used a 5″x5″ frame but you could print this to fit a 5″x7″ frame as well)

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