Happy First Day of School!

Today is the first day of school for our public schools…which means it’s my husband’s first day as an assistant principal with “real students”. Since it’s a very important and long day I thought I’d send some treats in with him for the teachers. Hopefully the sugar rush will help them match that of the excitement of Kindergartners on their first day.

On a side note: Baby E has been teething and woke up screaming because he couldn’t breath (runny nose) about every 45 minutes last night. Not a good way for my husband to start his first day of school.

I used LilaLoa’s sugar cookie recipe. Up until this point I haven’t found a sugar cookie recipe that I really like but her chocolate roll out recipe is perfection (and MY choice if I’m making cookies for myself – I just don’t love the dark crumbs) so I was happy to see the vanilla variation because it was just as good.

The cakeballs are just basic vanilla with white candy coating but I loved the star sprinkles. I found them at Hobby Lobby.

Back to School Cookies & Cakeballs


Still working out my cookie handwriting, but what better place than black board cookies?
I made the apples as royal icing transfers since I also used them on top of the stack of books.


These apples are so fun (and were the easiest of all the cookies). This is a 2.5 inch cutter.
I also got a larger one but it seemed huge and when I’m making a lot of cookies I like them to smaller.

Crayons that you don’t have to worry about the kids eating! So cute, my favorite of the bunch. Just used the same square cutter as for the blackboards and created some notches at the top. I used a post-it note template so I didn’t have to free-hand them all.

I love this caterpillar cookie cutter. I would love to do it in multiple rainbow colors but since I already had my palette for this set of cookies it was easiest to make them green (he’s kind of a cross between a bookworm and a caterpillar).

They are pretty fragile and I broke the head off one (oops) but Baby E was happy about that since he got to eat the pieces. The stack of books were using the same square cutter with notches taken out. Sweetsugarbelle gave me the inspiration – she used a wedding cake shaped cutter, but since I only have a few basic shapes I just used what I had.


I also made a few pages of notebook paper and stars. I like to make bite sized accent cookies when I get to the end of my dough. They seem to be what people like since they’re not a whole cookie (maybe the calories don’t count?).

Here they are all boxed up. Fifty cakeballs (some were pulled out for the office staff) and fifty cookies. I told you there were a lot!

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