A Sandra-Lee Recipe

If you’ve ever seen “Semi-Homemade with Sandra-Lee” you know her recipes involve something as complex as opening a can of green beans an sprinkling them with store bought bacon bits, then making a cocktail and spending the next hour covering the table with glitter and papier-mâché kittens.

So in honor of her non-recipes, here is one of my own! Actually this is my easy lunch when I want something other than a sandwich, since I usually have about 60 seconds to do ANYTHING before Baby E is getting into something.

Food-snobs: STOP reading now.

The “Ingredients”

  1. Tostitos Multigrain scoops (multigrain are the best, and sadly the only option for this flavor since they stopped making the normal multigrain chips).
  2. Old El Paso Tortilla Stuffers
  3. Cheddar cheese
  4. Sour cream

The “Directions”

Heat and stack. Then munch…then baby wrangle.

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