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As luck would have it

Since about 6 months Baby E had been waking up multiple times during the night. NOTE: This baby is nearly EIGHT months old. So for the past month and a half every night we have been getting very very little sleep.

On a good night he’d wake up twice and on a bad night as often as every hour. Did I mention he usually would wake up to eat each morning at 4? So all of the extra waking would happen between 11pm and 4am and since my husband has to be up early each day for school along with taking extra classes at night (and also because he lacks the Mommy-Super-Charged-Hearing I’ve been blessed with) I’ve been spending a lot of time running to his room.

This past weekend we moved him to the bedroom closest to ours (for reasons other than proximity) and last night I switched sides of the bed with my husband so I’d be closer to the door.

So now that I’m within a few steps of Baby E, what does he do? SLEEPS THRU THE NIGHT. Of course he does. I however did not, because when I woke up at 12:30 and 2:00 the fact that he hadn’t woken up freaked me out and I had to go check on him.

It’s a good thing he’s cute.


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