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Recipe: Strawberry Pie

Happy first day of June!

I’m celebrating with this super simple – super yummy pie.

This is a great go-to for an easy summer dessert, plus it’s fruit so that makes it healthy…right? I also did a variation using peaches & peach Jello (mine were a little under-ripe so they were crunchier than I would have liked), so you may want to try different fruit/Jello combinations!


9″ pre-made pie crust (look in the freezer section)
2 cartons of strawberries (the rectangle kind)
3 Tbs. of strawberry Jello
6 Tbs. of flour
1 cup of sugar (so much for healthy)
1 cup of water
Cool Whip


1. Bake the pie crust empty per the instructions on the package (should be about 12 mins at 400° but yours may be different). Let cool 15 minutes.
2. Cut the strawberries into bite-sized pieces (I just removed the tops and quartered them) and pile into baked crust (you will probably have extra – don’t heap them up in the middle but rather make them even with the rim.
3. Boil 1 cup of water in a small pan
4. Pour boiling water into second sauce pan containing the sugar, Jello & flour.
5. Heat and stir till thickened and until all the flour has dissolved.
6. Pour the mixture over your strawberrys and let cool in the refridgerator (the longer you can let it cool the more it will set up and will be easier to slice). Top with Cool Whip and Enjoy!

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