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Cake Balls = Perfect Party Treats

Have you heard of cake balls? Cake balls = bit sized cake = totally awesome deliciousness. Seriously this is like sliced bread/inventing the wheel great (maybe even better than the wheel because it wasn’t filled with frosting).

Cake Balls - Funfetti

I found my recipe onΒ BakerellaΒ for cake balls. They’re an awesome and easy way to create bite sized cakes for a party. Plus they’re as cute as a petit four (but not as much work).


I’m not going to duplicate the recipe here (just visit the site – because there are all kinds of amazing recipes on there) but I’ll add that when I made them I thought using an entire jar of frosting made them too oily. So my only tip would be to add a little frosting at a time so they don’t get too gooey.


I made them for my fabulous baby sister’s graduation party. I made three flavors for guests to choose from (or try one of each…because that’s what I would do).


Funfetti cake, white frosting and white chocolate



Devil’s food cake with fudge frosting and pink chocolate



Red Velvet cake with cream cheese icing and milk chocolate
imageThese were a big hit but probably something I’d only make for a special event…like a Tuesday.

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