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DIY: Faux-Boppy on the Cheap

I mentioned in my nursery reveal that I’d custom made my Boppy cover. Here’s the rest of the story.

The Boppy was something we had on our registry but one of those things that seemed overpriced if we were to purchase it on our own ($25 for the pillow and $25-30 for the cover). Since we still needed a handful of necessities (sheets, bottles, diapers), it didn’t make the cut.

However, one day while killing time on my lunchbreak at Hobby Lobby, I noticed that they sold a pillow called the “Baby Nest” that was similar in shape and size. It retailed for $20 but I used their printable 40% off coupon and got mine for $12.

At Jo-Ann Fabrics I bought a yard of “Ultra Cuddle” fabric in a brown that matched our nursery (and also won’t get dirty too easily). It retails for $10 but again I used a 40% coupon from the paper and got it for $6. With a zipper that I used another coupon for my total came to $7.

I made a “pattern” for my cover by simply draping an extra piece of fabric over the pillow and then pinning it to the seam. I cut the excess off leaving 1/2 inch for a seam allowance. NOTE: This stuff frays badly so there will be a mess of “fluff” once you cut it out – just be prepared.

At that point I could have just sewn it together, added the zipper and called it a day but no, I had to get all fancy and applique an anchor to it. I figured out the size I wanted it by putting several different size printouts on the pillow (rather than putting it on the cut out pieces since they were considerably larger).

I cut the anchor out of some of my leftover fabric (adding 1/2 in to all sides) then turned the edges under and pressed them and hand-stitched it in place. I used a tight zig-zag stitch to finish the applique.

Then I just sewed the two sides together, added the zipper and slid the cover on, not to mention I saved a bundle.

Store bought Boppy with cover: $50
Faux Boppy with custom cover: $19

I win.

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