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May 2011


Font Love: Feathergraphy

So it’s been a minute since I’ve posted any new fonts but I found this beauty when searching for…hmm, can’t remember but it was something work-related for sure then I got distracted by the pretty. Here’s a sample address: Isn’t it gorgeous?? Best of all  ...

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Rocking the Nursery

When my brother and I were little we had a tape of Chinese children’s songs – that is, American children’s songs, sung in Chinese – and since we don’t actually speak Chinese it drove my parents absolutely crazy! Keeping that in mind I’ve been looking for some  ...

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Stocking the Library

Remember this? When I was little I loved to read, I think mostly it was because my mom would always read to us when we were little. So with that in mind I’ve started picking out some books for the nursery library. Normally I don’t buy books – because then what’s the  ...

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DIY: Faux-Boppy on the Cheap

I mentioned in my nursery reveal that I’d custom made my Boppy cover. Here’s the rest of the story. The Boppy was something we had on our registry but one of those things that seemed overpriced if we were to purchase it on our own ($25 for the pillow and $25-30 for the cover). Since  ...

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Project Nursery: Finished

So I’ve been a little MIA recently, but mostly it’s because I’ve been trying to get everything ready for the baby (see? I have a good excuse). Anyway to make up for my absence I give you – photos of the nursery! So happy it’s actually livable now. I wanted it to be  ...

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Celebrate, Nest

Cake Balls = Perfect Party Treats

Have you heard of cake balls? Cake balls = bit sized cake = totally awesome deliciousness. Seriously this is like sliced bread/inventing the wheel great (maybe even better than the wheel because it wasn’t filled with frosting). I found my recipe on Bakerella for cake balls. They’re  ...

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DIY: Bunting

Bunting has been a huge party trend in the past couple of years. It’s fun and festive and can really add some color to an event. It can be made of paper but using fabric for it really makes it seem a lot nicer. I mentioned that I made the bunting for my baby shower, so here’s a step  ...

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