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Font Love: Feathergraphy

| Design Love

So it’s been a minute since I’ve posted any new fonts but I found this beauty when searching for…hmm, can’t remember but it was something work-related for sure then I got distracted by the pretty.

Here’s a sample address:

Isn’t it gorgeous?? Best of all it’s FREE (for personal use only). Download here. By artist Måns Grebäck – visit his site and show some love on Facebook.

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Rocking the Nursery

| Baby, Bliss

When my brother and I were little we had a tape of Chinese children’s songs – that is, American children’s songs, sung in Chinese – and since we don’t actually speak Chinese it drove my parents absolutely crazy! Keeping that in mind I’ve been looking for some (non-obnoxious) baby music.

First up I found Rockabye Baby which offers lullaby renditions of rock songs.

The covers of the CD’s are awesome renditions of the originals with cartoon bears replacing the original images (seriously, how cute are these?!)

Journey, Guns N’ Roses, Aerosmith & Weezer

Unfortunately, most of the songs only feature one instrument (a xylophone) and some have a random cricket in them (which I think is super distracting). Some are nearly indiscernible which is too bad because I really really wanted to like these.

My advice? Listen to the previews and only buy the songs that actually work because not all of them do, definitely think money would be wasted on buying any entire CD.


Next up I found something called “Full Metal Diaper“.

While the cover isn’t nearly as cute there are definitely better renditions of songs and it includes “Rock You Like a Hurricane” so I adomatically love it. Unfortunately, there’s only one disk so if you don’t like any of the songs there’s not much to choose from.


The problem with the “Lullabye” versions is they’re all very stripped down and tinny sounding rather than just being softer or acoustic versions of the songs. Vitamin String Quartet provides string versions of rock and pop songs and might also be a good alternative to blasting baby’s eardrums.


Lastly, my husband recently found this article which states that Phil Collen & Vivian Campbell will be performing on an album called “Dreamin with Def Leppard” featuring 12 of their songs.

It’s suppose to have full production so it should be a major step up from the xylophones. It’s not due out till June but you can pre-order here. Fingers crossed that this one lives up to expectations.

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Stocking the Library

| Baby, Bliss

Remember this?

When I was little I loved to read, I think mostly it was because my mom would always read to us when we were little. So with that in mind I’ve started picking out some books for the nursery library.

Normally I don’t buy books – because then what’s the point of my free library card? However, most kids like to hear the same stories over and over so I figure they’re worth the investment. I’ve found a lot of good deals in’s used book section where you can buy hardback books for a penny (!!) but shipping is $3-4 (so I’ll probably stick to our local bookstores). So here are some of the picks:

For newborn baby:

Look, Look!
by Peter Linenthal

Baby Animals Black and White
by Phyllis Limbacher Tildes

For older babies/toddlers:

Love You Forever
by Robert N. Munsch

Are You My Mother?
by P.D. Eastman

Where the Wild Things Are
by Maurice Sendak

The Giving Tree
by Shel Silverstein

Catch Me and Kiss Me and Say It Again
by Clyde Watson

Alexander & the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
by Judith Viorst

The Children’s Illustrated Bible
by Selina Hastings

The Velveteen Rabbit
by Margery Williams

by Don Freeman

Where the Sidewalk Ends: Poems and Drawings
by Shel Silverstein

I also love this book which was originally published in the 1900’s,
it teaches manners thru poetry.
My mom read it to us and I still remember some of the poems:

The Goops and How to be Them:
A Manual of Manners for Polite Children Inculcating

Many Juvenile Virtues Both by Precept and Example

by Gelett Burgess

So that’s the short list, I’m sure it will grow as time goes on. Too bad baby won’t get to enjoy years of book recommendations from LeVar Burton.

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