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Mommy Chic: Shower Dresses Part Duex

So I already posted about my wonderful baby shower, so you know what I ended up wearing. Prior to the event I considered buying a new dress. I eventually gave up and decided just to shop in my closet. Here’s what didn’t make the cut:

This party dress from Forever21 had a fun print which I loved but it was (as most of their dresses usually are) a bit too short. I worried about being able to sit in it without worrying about being inappropriate.

Might be better suited with some leggings or skinny jeans for a date night.

This purple dress was perfectly lovely and long enough but kind of too boring – it was going to be a party so I needed something a little more fun.

I ended up wearing it for Easter.

Lastly I thought about this teal dress. The color was great (and it matched the invitation) but it may have been a little too sexy (and I might have been a little too bump-c0nscious) to wear for a Sunday afternoon shower.

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