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Mommy Chic: Rainy Blooms

So I though Spring was suppose to be on it’s way in, especially with the amount of swimwear I’m seeing in stores. Mostly it’s only be slightly warmer and rainy. I feel lied to, Mother Nature.

So to celebrate the upcoming season I decided to wear this jacket which has flowers on it (for spring) but they’re dark grey/blue (for the rain). There is, however, no explaination for the face I’m making. I apologize.

But seriously I love this jacket, because I didn’t look pregnant until I turned side-ways.

I got it at Forever 21. How cute are the sleeves? Also it has pockets!

I wore this simple sweaterdress underneath. I love square necklines – very flattering.

This necklace is from Forever 21. It’s kind of huge but I love it, some of the beads are covered in lace and I like the contrast in texture between the shiny beads and the fabric.

My shoes are by Anne Michelle (I found black ones here). I actually have these in two colors I loved them so much. Only problem is they take a minute to tie – which doesn’t work well for someone who is always running late.

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