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Beauty: Eyeshadow Primer

With New Years coming up there’s bound to be lots of late night partying and smokey eyeshadow.

One of my favorite finds has definitely been Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion. It comes in a couple different shades including gold and pink. I use the nude colored so it doesn’t change the way my eyeshadow looks.

It comes with a wand applicator (just like lipgloss) although I tend to put a dab on my finger and then pat it onto my eyelids so I can get more even coverage. Once you put it on let it dry a bit. Once it’s dry you can feel that youreyelids will be “tacky”.

It runs about $20 but it only takes a tiny amount so it doesn’t run out too quickly. Also I only tend to use it when I’m wearing a lot of dark eye makeup or know my makeup needs to hold up through a long day.

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