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DIY: Candy Buffet

For our wedding I fell in love with the idea of doing a candy buffet in addition to our cake, because they looked so fun and added something more interesting than just putting favors on the tables for guests.

Seemed easy enough right? Just put some candy in some cute jars and slap some labels on them. But after doing some research I realized that the photos I’d seen had taken a little more planning than that.

STEP 1: Determine your color palette.

A lot of the images I liked were the ones that were color coordinated. Since we’d used pink and navy I decided on pink, brown and silver (because there’s not a lot of navy candy out there). I researched candy online and picked a few items that I thought would work. I ended up using: Chocolate covered pretzels, yogurt pretzels, chocolate covered raisins, pillow mints, Hershey kisses, nonpareils and strawberry swirl taffy.

STEP 2: Collect your jars.

Try to find a variety of sizes and shapes. It adds a little more visual interest than having them all be the same. I found some at Homegoods and Hobby Lobby. They definitely take a while to collect.

STEP 3: Plan it out.

Okay I may be a little TOO organized but I wrote down the type and color of the candies I was buying so I’d know whether I’d need a scoop or tongs for it. Also it let me “arrange” the colors a bit. I also realized when I did this that my jars needed some height to them so I added some small boxes under the back row.

Really this step is kind of important so you don’t have to think about it later. TIP: Take a photo and it’ll be easy for someone else to set up.

STEP 4: Decorate your jars.

Cute little labels are a must for a candy buffet. Plus they let guests know what each item is, just incase they have an allergy or special dietary need. I also used ribbons on different parts of my jars in our wedding colors to help tie everything together.

STEP 5: Box it up.

Figure out a plan for how your guests will get their candy home. I choose paper boxes but organza, wax or cellophane bags are all options, as are chinese takeout containers. Personalize them with monogram stickers or ribbon.

This was such a big hit at our wedding but it would also be fun for a shower or a child’s birthday.

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