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DIY: Beaded Belt Tutorial

Phonto Beaded belts can retail for up to hundreds of dollars. However since I had plenty of time and the wedding-crazies I decided to make my own.

Unfortunately I ended up not choosing a dress style that needed a belt. But I suppose now I can just wear it when I want to be fancy (or to the grocery store).


In different colors that could add a lot to a simple dress or made on a smaller scale for a beaded headband. This tutorial is pretty straight forward but this DIY also includes my supplies.




Satin Ribbon:

You can find this almost anywhere – just don’t get wire-edged.


Seed Beads:

I used two sizes in silver instead of clear because I wanted some sparkle.



I used Gem-Cut Rondells (this link is for a larger size I used 8mm) and Bicones that were 4mm and 6mm. All of these were crystal colored – NOT crystal AB – which has the multicolored oil sheen



I used two different sizes for these as well. 6mm and 8mm



I ordered sew-on rhinestones in two sizes (12ss & 20ss) from ebay


You will also need Fabric/Bead Glue and a Beading Needle along with beading thread. Oh, and plenty of patience and time!





Measure the length you want the belt to be and add 2 inches so you can finish the ends. I used satin ribbon that was 1.5″ wide.


Apply the glue to the ribbon in 1-2″ sections with a paint brush. Make sure you put a decent amount on just not so much that it soaks thru.


Sprinkle your seed beads onto the wet glue and pat them gently with your hand to make sure they stick. Wait for this to dry completely before doing anything else


Lay your length of ribbon along a ruler and spread your beads out evenly along the side of it (you don’t HAVE to do this it just helps you make sure you don’t end up with a bunch in one spot).


Bead, bead and bead. I tied a seed bead to the end of the thread before pulling it thru so it wouldn’t pull out. I worked one section with all the beads instead of doing one type at a time. It’s good to have this some place where you can work on it for 30 mins at a time and then walk away from it. Makes it WAY less overwhelming.


When you get done you’ll realize that you’ve lost some seed beads in the process. I went back and filled in any holes at the very end.


Lightly singe the ends of the ribbon to keep it from fraying and then fold them under and hand sew them flat. At this point you can either add hooks or you can do some sort of pretty clasp. Another idea is to cut the ribbon much longer than you need, bead only the part for your waist and then tie it into a bow at the back.





  1. Carol

    May 26, 2014 at 7:24 pm

    I know this is a 3 year old post but I was wondering if you ended up using your sash and how well it held up during the day if you did use it. Thanks. 🙂

    1. Christiana

      May 26, 2014 at 8:54 pm

      I sadly did not end up using it, since the dress I ended up wearing had beading…I actually still have it to this day. It was tried on multiple times, stuffed in a bag and moved and still looks good. A few of the seed beads fell off early on because they weren’t completely glued down but it’s not at all noticeable. I’d definitely say give it a few good shakes prior to your big day if you make one but it should hold up through your wedding!

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