School’s out for Summer

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The boys’ last day of school was last Thursday. Thank goodness for all those organized Momma’s on my Facebook who’s adorable photos reminded me that I should do a last day of school photo to compare to our First Day of School ones. So after I celebrated making the last school lunch (so…many…sandwiches) we headed outside to take some pictures.

2015-05-21 08.12.37

Evan hasn’t grown much physically but he’s grown a lot more emotionally this year. Other than the occasional over-tired meltdown he seems to get frustrated a lot less, and when he does he wants to work thru a problem rather than crying and quitting immediately (“I can do it myself!”). He was actually quite sad that school was ending and that he wouldn’t see his teachers and friends over the summer. :) I’m not sure his teachers felt the same way as during their end of the year program Evan’s class was sitting down, yawning, spinning around and hugging each other…instead of singing.

2015-05-21 08.11.57 Noah is of course much bigger than he was when he started the school year. He’s able to keep up with his brother running, jumping and climbing and is on his way to be just as chatty. We realized he is probably most likely left-handed – which would make sense because this kid likes to be different in every way possible. He learns a new phrase almost daily and loves music and playing in water (unless in has soap involved…then it is equivalent to acid).

2015-05-21 08.11.41

Remind me not to ask these kids to smile because they make these teeth-baring squinty-eyed scary faces and look nothing at all like the adorable children they actually are.

At the end of the week I took them for new summer haircuts. I figured I’d get them cut short so it could grow out over the next few months.


What happened to my babies!?

So now we’re ready for some summer fun!
(of course in comparison to last summer anything would be more fun)

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And They’re Off

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Evan got to have a Derby Parade at school today. Two weeks ago the teachers sent home a note stating that girls should be dressed “in Sunday dresses” and the boys “in something resembling silks”. Yeah…so that would be WHAT exactly? They also gave the girls lovely little hats to add flowers to and decorate and the boys got…a paper bowl. I think the boys (or more correctly the boys’ parents) got the more difficult challenge on this one.

Now usually I’m figuring out Evan’s Show-N-Tell item by digging thru my car in the school parking lot so when I got this note I made the decision to plan ahead. So the afternoon of Noah’s party I did a little research (by research I mean googling “preschool jockey costume”). I found this adorable etsy shop. But as a DIYer I don’t pay for anything I think I can make (regardless of my actual skill set or experience).

So I set to work sketching out a “design”. He specifically wanted a star on it. I used some fabric I already had (since I’m a craft hoarder) and one of Evan’s jackets to use as a pattern…the only part I actually bought was the closures for $1.99.

PhotoGrid_1430326745162 Now I don’t have any actual steps or a printable pattern for this because basically I made the whole thing up as I went (which is kind of how I always seem to work) and I just cut the pattern directly out of my fabric. While I do have basic sewing skills I seriously lack the patience to do things correctly, so I tried really hard this time to take out stitches that weren’t right and actually press seams (I hate ironing).

2015-04-29 11.54.20crop

I wasn’t planning on lining it but I was worried that Evan might find the collar “scratchy” and then not wear it. Then I guess since I was feeling like a sewing genius I decided to make him a matching hat. Actually I based the pattern off of some fabric turtles that I’d made for the nursery and then just sized it to fit him and added a brim – it was surprisingly easy and only took about 45 mins.

2015-04-29 11.59.10

I’m still actually shocked that it turned out at all. I guess that all that patience payed off since it did actually fit him and while it’s not perfect, it turned out pretty close to the idea I had in my head.

2015-04-29 12.01.06 copy

He was so excited to wear it and didn’t want to take it off after school. He definitely enjoyed marching in the parade with his horse who he named “Shoe Head”.

2015-04-29 12.01.46 copy

I noticed the 4 year old classes made floats for the parade…so now I know what we have to look forward to next year. :)



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Time to Derby!

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This week is Derby week…which is kind of a big deal where we live. Since I’m not originally from Louisville I’ve come to realize Derby is more of a season than a single day event. The Derby festival includes balloon, boat and bed (yep, that’s no typo) races, a parade, a marathon, food and music. The Friday prior to Derby is Oaks day and is when the filies race…and it’s actually a school holiday (which I kind of love because it feels like a small town thing).

So how do we celebrate? Before kids we did the parties and events but now we are happily in bed at 10pm on Derby Eve.

2909_901492205299_5824245_n  Aww…back pre-baby…when we were only sleep deprived when we chose to be.

So any sort of celebrating is pretty low key for us now. The past few years I’ve made these awesome Derby pie bars. [Recipe here]


Note: the recipe says the bourbon is optional but it’s so totally not. 

Had I have thought of it before this very moment I may have swapped out my gallery wall to some equine artwork. These are some of my favorites:



[Source – This one is FREE]

I was however able to whip up a single Derby print and I’m sharing it so you can download it for free!



Happy Derby to You!

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