Back to School & DIY Varsity Letter Backpack

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This weekend was (allegedly) the end of Summer (although the weather and the calendar tell me otherwise). We celebrated with splashing, exploring and visiting some animals.


So Tuesday the boys started “school”. As I mentioned Evan is attending three-day preschool while Noah is attending Mom’s Day Out program twice a week. Mark my words…there WILL be a day I forget that E has school since it’s out of our normal routine.


Could they be any cuter?


E was required to have a “full size” backpack. I think I should have just cut leg holes in it since it’s as big as he is. I kind of loved this one from Pottery Barn Kids.

Unfortunately they have some issues actually fulfilling their orders in a timely manner. But it kind of worked out for the best, since I didn’t particularly want to spend $40 on a bookbag for a 3 year old…so I ended up customizing one for him.

I found this bag and matching lunch box at Old Navy.

I happened to have a few discount codes along with some rewards so I got the backpack for $4.26 (originally $15) and the lunch bag for $1.71 (seriously… I think that’s the cost of a single school lunch). Now these are not high quality and won’t last years but realistically AT MOST he’ll be carrying 3 sheets of paper and a box of crayons…so they were perfect for this project.

I liked the colors but didn’t love the skull on the patch.

2014-08-29 14.38.27

A little too tough for church-based preschool

I grabbed a few patches, some buttons and some felt from Hobby Lobby (I didn’t really have a plan…I just grabbed baseballs and red and white).

2014-08-29 14.08.00

Luckily the patches I bought just covered the skulls.

2014-09-01 14.38.04

The letter patches were too tall to include more than a few on the backpack so I decided to make a “Varsity Style” letter.

2014-09-01 14.36.41

I just printed the letter and outline on the matte side of some freezer paper then ironed it to my felt and cut it out. (REMINDER: Most craft felt is acrylic, so don’t turn the iron up too high or you’ll melt it…like I did…whoops). I finished my edges with a zigzag stitch but you could just use Liquid Stitch for a no-sew alternative. That’s how I attached everything to the bags. I just did a blanket stitch by hand to secure the edges.

2014-09-01 14.37.03

The baseball buttons I stuck thru the mesh on the sides and secured them with a few stitches.

DIYVarsityLetter Cost Breakdown:

Bags = $5.97
Patches & buttons = $3.18
Felt = $1.58

Total = $9.73
Yea me!

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What I’m Loving Now: Distressed Jeans

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If you follow me on instagram you know how often distressed jeans have popped up in my recent pics. To dress them up I pair them with sky high pumps and fun jewelry, to dress them down it’s a white t-shirt and sneakers.


Headed to a Mom’s Night In


Hanging out with the boys


Country style…they’re overalls ya’ll!

Finding good distressed jeans is the key since some styles take it to the extreme look like they’ve been dragged behind a train rather than just being “well loved”. I typically look for a darker wash with some fading on the legs and holes in “normal” places (like the knee).

Here are some of my picks (the ones from Charlotte Russe are the ones I’m wearing in the second pic):

Destroyed Jeans

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Back to School Preschool Style

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School started back here a few weeks ago but my boys don’t start until next Tuesday, which means we’ve been enjoying having the playgrounds all to ourselves.

Heading back to school was always one of my favorite things when I was younger, probably because it meant fresh school supplies and a shopping trip for new clothes with my grandma. I still love a box of fresh crayons…so much potential.

Evan is attending preschool three days a week this year, which meant (yea!) I got to shop for school supplies. And they were the fun ones like cute lunch boxes and crayons and brightly colored scissors. I’m sure there will come a point when this is less exciting, like when both boys have a 2 page list that includes things like “protractor” and “college lined loose leaf paper” and they carry the same backpack every year. Until then, I’m enjoying reliving those early school days…which is the point to having kids right?? To live vicariously thru them and have an excuse to watch Disney movies and visit splash parks. :)

I realize in a few short years Evan will be picking out his own clothes. This is what he was wearing this morning…


He told me he’s a “cowboy”

These are a few Back-to-school looks I put together for him when he’s not a cowboy. Since cute clothes for boys are harder to come by than things for girls I thought I’d share some of my favorites:

Preschool Back to School

Preschool Back to School


I love these Old Navy Jeans since they actually fit my skinny babies – I think we own them in every size now. E has the high-tops and he loves them (he calls them “puffy” shoes). Since the laces are elastic he can put them on himself, which is a big help.

Back in Black

Back in Black


I love grey jeans right now and luckily the same skinny ones are available from Old Navy. My boys both love a hat and I can’t wait till it gets cool enough for them to start wearing adorable knit ones. I love that elephant backpack because it’s kid friendly in a really subtle way.

 All American Boy

All American Boy

Blue jeans and white tees are my personal staples so I love classic American style…plus tiny Chucks are adorable.

Preschool Gym Day

Preschool Gym Day

Most of the time my boys are in comfy clothes at home – so fun graphic tees and sweats that E deemed “cool pants” are a must. I adore those Plae shoes with the interchangeable straps but unfortunately they don’t yet come in a small enough size for my boys’ tiny toes.

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