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How a Designer Does Project Life

I did it! I finally (finally) FINALLY finished my project life album for 2015 (let’s just ignore the fact that it is nearly Easter).   I’m so excited to have it completed. Finishing projects like this is kind of a big deal. As an artist I’m easily distracted, I love starting lots of things but when they tend to get tedious I always decide to come back to them later (and coincidentally), later never comes. This project was started in June-ish? So I was already MONTHS  ...

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Live, Make, Nest

Create – Free Print

At my part-time job recently I’ve had the chance to spend a little more time designing and less time handling last minute emergencies and “throwing together” graphics with what I like to call my “magic art machine” (hint: although technology is getting better…there is no such thing). It reminded me how much I actually enjoy being able to concept and revise and tweak. You know, the way the creative process works in Art School, rather than here in the real  ...

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The End of Summer

So what have we been up to since July 1st? Obviously NOT hanging around the internet. We hosted my whole family for the 4th complete with a tin-foil regatta (due to the pouring rain) and a hat parade (due to the weirdness of my family). My boys got to meet their cousin for the first time. I think they only scared him a little. Since then, the weather is too nice and there is too much fun to be had before everyone got back into the school routine (of course for my husband that started the  ...

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Live, Wear

WILN: Beauty Deals

When I get a day without the boys I like to visit the grown-up girl “candy stores” Sephora and Ulta. Unfortunately if you linger too long and you’ll spend a small fortune. So when I heard about these moderately priced palettes from a company called Morphe Brushes I thought the were worth a try without being a huge investment. This are a semi-new favorite for me…as in I’ve had these for a couple months but needed to decide if I liked them. When I find something  ...

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